Nigeria @ 62: ‘’There Is Nothing To Celebrate, Our Leaders Have Failed Us’’ – Primate Ayodele Declares

Nigeria @ 62: ‘’There Is Nothing To Celebrate, Our Leaders Have Failed Us’’ – Primate Ayodele Declares

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has expressed grief over the situation of Nigeria since the country gained independence 62 years ago.

In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele described the 62nd independence anniversary as nothing to write home about in all spheres of life. He explained that there is nothing to celebrate because our leaders since independence have failed the nation and never considered the future of Youths right from inception.

He noted that Nigeria has experienced nothing but stagnancy, pain, hunger and failed promises in the hands of our past leaders and that they keep deceiving the citizens that the country will be better by the day but there has been no improvement ever since rather, the situation of the country has been deteriorating.

‘’62 years of independence is nothing to write home about the economy, leadership and all spheres of life, Nigeria has failed. Our leaders since we got independence didn’t consider the future of the youth, what Nigeria will become, what will happen, they didn’t care about it but now, they are rallying round saying they want to make the country better, are they not deceivers after they disappointed us, their children and God? They will all pay for it.’’

‘’This is 62 years of stagnancy, pain, hunger, and failed promises. Their children are going to school but they have destroyed the future of students in the country yet they are saying they want to repent, they should come out to confess what they have all done. They will all suffer for it because they will see the anger of God. What can we say about our 62 years of independence? Absolutely nothing. They say Nigeria will be better every day, we organize prayers but nothing has improved, it’s been the same story.’’

Primate Ayodele made it known that the next general election coming up in 2023 will determine a lot of things in the country, explaining that most countries are far better than Nigeria including those who got independence after we got it. He also noted that one of the sure ways to have a better country is by having true federalism to enable every zone to stay on its own.

‘’2023 will determine so many things, there is insecurity, they say they kill Boko Haram everyday but we keep hearing how the insurgents are killing soldiers and civilians, food price is on the highest side, there is no improvement in the country. All those that have ruled us are all saying the same story and I believe it’s high time we adopted true federalism, let everyone stay on their own to make the country better.’’

It is not the zonal government that will move Nigeria forward, Pastors are also deceiving themselves, what improvement has been made in our 62 years of independence? Nothing. Countries that got independence before us are better, those that we got ahead of them are also better than us, the government has destroyed the future of this country. God will not help us, we have to help ourselves, and all these past leaders are the cause of our problems.’’

Continuing, Primate Ayodele described Nigeria as a failed nation with failed leaders producing failed people and except we rise and do the needful, God will not help the nation. He expressed hope for a better Nigeria but stated that until we address things properly, God will not help us as a nation.

‘’The country is a failed nation with failed leaders, now producing failed people, we must rise and do what is needed before God can help us, God has guided our leaders but they didn’t guide us. It’s sad that we have a country like Nigeria where the future of our youths isn’t certain, no education, no good road, poor communication system yet they keep stealing our money to acquire empires, they have sabotage the economy, the success and prosperity of the country, what a great nation with bad leaders.’’

‘’No one is ready to say the truth, everyone is afraid of being killed after saying the truth, it’s a sad event but I know Nigeria will change, when it’s going to happen I don’t know. We can’t continue this way and God will raise people who will help the nation, then He will help us.’’

‘’My independence message to Nigeria is to do all the needful things that can move God to rescue the nation. 2023 election will determine a lot for our country and I believe that things will get in shape but it’s a gradual process. The moment we come out to approach it properly, God will help us.’’

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