Imo communities groan, as Killers Herdsmen Attacks and take over Farmlands

The destructive activities and consequent attacks and killings in the South East are becoming worrisome and frightening, most especially in Imo State.
Our source gathered that the evil activities are taking place in all part of the South East, and the people have been crying especially in the face of the emphasis the Federal Government places on agriculture for some time now.
These killers herdsmen came into the land from other countries and are being sponsored by corrupt people in power for their selfish political interests and gradually they spread themselves to every part of the country today.
These herdsmen patrol around with their cattle in different communities in the country with AK47 rifles and other dangerous weapons even in the face of the security personnel. Invading farmlands with reckless abandon and destroying crops which the the poor village farmer’s toiled day and night to put in place. And severally attacks the farmers and kill them if they happen to question them, and rape their women both young and old.
This matter has been going  on for a long time as it has been a great concern to the igbo leaders, who actually operates from the rural area where this evil acts are being committed. They have raised alarm over the rise in attacks, killings, rape and destructive activities of the herdsmen in their land. One of the elders of the igbo leaders, Chief Ifeanyi Diwe lamented what the rural farmers are going through in the hands of these herdsmen. He stated “Our people have died enough, everyday our children are being slaughtered like chicken, our daughters and wives rape constantly and our properties destroyed.
We now live in deep fear and can’t farm anymore because of the fear of being attacked and killed by these killers herdsmen.We depends on our farm  which is our source of livelihood but we have been affected so badly since this activities has been going on. 
In December 7 2017, the herdsmen attacked farmer’s settlement in Orlu West Council of Imo state, they set the farm houses ablaze, killed the men and raped the women they captured. We cried out, yet no one came to our rescue and nothing was done about it.
These herdsmen murdered a whole family in cold blood with a Catholic Seminarian on apostolic work in Nkanu Enugu state in January 18 2018 and we cried out loud again, complained and carryout protest yet the government never cared.
The Amnesty International were said to have recorded and condemned this act as a total violation of human rights and even the international community has rated these killer herdsmen as the fourth deadliest terror group in the world, yet the Nigeria government have kept silence.
The internal outcry over these atrocities has become deafening to the government as the people has lost confidence in it’s government to protects lives and properties of law abiding citizens in the nation.
None of these killers herdsmen have been arrested and tried by the law enforcement agencies, yet the evil acts continue unabated.
The story of these killers herdsmen activities is the same in Ebonyi state, Anambra and the rest South East in general. And recently the brutal killing of one elder Ozoemena Iriaka and his sons from Atta village Ikeduru Imo  State gruesomely murdered in their farm on February  25 2018 was added in the list of casualties of these murderous herdsmen.
“In early hours of March 21 2018 was said to be one of the gruesome attacks that happened in Imo State, in Isialla Mbano Local Government Area, Umuopara Uhu Ugiri Village. A residence of this community told our reporter the suffering and pains the villagers have been going through for a long time in the hands of these herdsmen. He stated they have being held captive in their own land  as slaves by these killers herdsmen for too long and this very day some of the villagers decides to enter their farm to see if they can harvest some crops to feed on and also check the destructive activities of the herdsmen on their farms, and  while they were in their farms the herdsmen fiercely attack them. 
This attacks eventually resulted into a big clash in the community and many villagers lost their lives and cattle  too on the process. They were high numbers of casualties as many sustained injuries and some luckily escaped with various degree of injuries too.
It’s was a devastating moment in Imo state as the internet was filled with disturbing images of people gruesomely murdered by the killer’s herdsmen as shown in the page.
Shortly after the incidence, the Police arrested and detained some  youth in the community. And after a while it was reported there was allegation on some of the ones that escaped during the clash as being responsible for spearheading this action. So the Police authorities declared them wanted for this reason.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG-20201007-WA0001-1.jpg
The following wanted wanted person are One Mr. Benjamin Chidobi Ekwelem (M) of Umuopara Uhu Ugiri Village in Isialla Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, One Mr. Timothy Ebere Njoku(M) of Ibeme Village in Isialla Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State and One Mr. Prince Okechukwu Onuoha(M) of Aku Village Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State. (If found should be reported to the Police Authorities). This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG-20201007-WA0002.jpg
While these was on going the entire community was on fire and deserted as many abandon their homes and flee for their lives as the herdsmen takes over the land.
Now, the question in everyone’s mind is why the Federal Government of Nigeria have failed to describe this deadly group of people as terrorist? Even as they continue to attack and kill innocent citizens daily in every part of the nation today.  

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