Good afternoon my peeps,  Am not really happy this afternoon with the stuff am hearing about some private hospitals closing down.
If you look at the list going round of such hospitals, they are mostly located in areas where the list of infections are high, Ikoyi/Lekki axis. This means two things to me;

1. Lagos State government has been lying to us and had fallen for intimidation from Abuja to allow Kyari into private hospital in Lagos against initial pronouncement. Now that even First Consultant Ikoyi has allegedly closed shop, did LASG approved it just to treat Kyari and can close now that he is dead?

2. It also means the Health Expert, especially the Doctors that we have praised are also complicit in this mess. Why have they been treating Covid 19 victims in their facility without the public knowing? Why did Govt not release list of approved private facility so that they come out clean? We read in some blogs where it is claimed that some senior doctors are secretly treating people so as to claim efficacy of their process later. It is all about wicked hero claim.

Now that we are where we are today because medical people are also cashing out from the big clients who are infected, can government come out clean that they have also not compromised our safety simply because of timidity or blind loyalty to Abuja?
While we will continue to praise Lagos state government for being a lot better than other states. we must be quick to remind them that heroes turns to villain in minutes even with simple mistake or error of judgement. Nobody want to die o, including the so called 1 million boys despite cry of hunger.

It is almost sure we will be let out of the hook soon provided we all wear face mask,  how well prepared is government of Lagos to withstand the pressure that will come with such relax of lockdown on economy, transportation and health requirement. People are sick in the house and some will like to visit the hospitals. Will the hospital be safe for us to visit and will there be doctors and nurses to attend to us who are Covid 19 free themselves.

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