Probe Communication Ltd Remains Highly Reputable Company for Over 3 Decades Operating in Nigeria

Probe Communication Ltd Remains Highly Reputable Company for Over 3 Decades Operating in Nigeria

To Whom It May Concern

Our attention has been drawn to correspondences received by our stakeholders, partners and sponsors on a book project we are currently undertaking. 

We have been on this book project for close to 5 years, and we have sent hardcopy correspondences to various of our stakeholders, partners and sponsors on the book project. 

With the incursion of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made face-to-face meetings not feasible at the moment, we have since began routing our correspondences through the electronic channel – the virtual space.

We have recently learnt that all of the correspondences sent in recent times through the electronic channel, have borne the e-mail identity of one our Premium Sponsors, when in actual fact, these correspondences were sent through our official e-mail address – ““. Intriguingly, we are totally oblivious of this development all along, as whenever we received replies from many recipients of our correspondences, it is through our same e-mail without any notification of any mix-up of identities. 

This development has however, rightly so, irked our concerned Premium Sponsor, who thinks we had been using their e-mail identity to operate our book project. 

To be expressly clear, we are shocked at this development as we are also just learning what unexplainable e-mail or cyber glitch that must have happened to create this unfortunate development. 

As we speak, our cyber security team are helping us to make sense of the development and helping to redress the matter from our end, to prevent any such future occurrence. 

We therefore seize this opportunity to tender our unreserved apologies for any misunderstanding or embarassment or confusion this regrettable development must have caused our Premium Sponsor, our stakeholders, partners and other sponsors. We are sincerely and terribly sorry. 

To those who are stakeholders, partners and sponsors dealing with us – Probe Communications Limited, for the first time, please be amply assured that we are a highly reputable company that has done business in Nigeria and beyond, for over 3 decades with untainted integrity, forthrightness and loyalty to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the proper rules of engagement of doing business within her space. 

We abhor and do not engage in any untoward business practice, misrepresentation or impersonation. Our unblemished track record is in the public space for further verification. 

Once again, we sincerely regret this development and thank you for your kind understanding, continued support and patronage.  

Yours sincerely,

Dáre Adélẹ́kàn.

Chief Executive Officer,

Probe Communications Limited.



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