We Stand With Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo,

Governor Godwin Obaseki ,leave Captain Hosa out of your  Shenanigans .
 *Street to Street Campaign led by Daniel Eromonsele, AKA Pikolo Tells Obaseki* 
The Street to Street Campaign a Vintage Campaign Platform in Edo State has asked Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State of Nigeria to leave  Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo alone and stop his Social Media Attack Dogs , from  throwing  tantrums  at the Respected Edo- Born Business Magnate, Industrialist and Philanthropist .
In a  Statement issued in Benin City on Monday ,the 20th of July ,2020,by the Convener of the Street to Street Campaign -,Daniel Eromonsele ,AKA Pikolo ,the Street to Street Campaign indicated thus  :
“Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo is a Blessing to Edo State  He has been a major investor in business and even the lives of teeming Edo Youth ,as part of his philanthropic disposition.
As a StatesMan that he is , Captain Hosa or Kapi as he is fondly called ,has  displayed a high level of equanimity and maturity ,despite the unfounded provocative attacks on his person by Obaseki Apologists  .The recent attack on his person by Governor Obaseki’s attack Dogs  is  one attack too many .The Revelations in the recent Press Release,issued  by Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo on the issue , is chilling !It shows how far the out going Governor of Edo State ,Godwin Obaseki can go, to reduce the relevance of Prominent Edolites in National Affairs and National Business ,over his fixation for 2nd Tenure.We can not forget in a hurry how Obaseki ensured Pius Odubu was dropped for the Chairmanship of the NDDC and how Comrade Adams Oshiomhole left the National Chairmanship of APC .Power belongs to God and he gives it to whomever he pleases  .The attempt to drag Captain Hosa down by all means just because Obaseki wants to undeservedly  remain in Office , has further reinforced our belief that Obaseki’s desperation for 2nd Tenure is more than that that meets the eyes . Captain Hosa will always be celebrated for building businesses ,building lives and providing jobs and development in Our Communities .Obaseki is standing on the wrong side of history.Leave Captain Hosa alone for us ,he means well for Edo Communities”.
The Statement concluded


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