Lagos State House of Assembly member representing Ikeja Constituency 2, Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu has written an emotion-laden message in commemoration of the 14th Remembrance anniversary of his late Mother, *Chief (Mrs) Abiodun Arafat Kasunmu*.

The mother of the vibrant and active lawmaker died on October 2nd, 2006 at the age of 51.

In a remembrance note posted on the lawmakers Facebook page and Instagram, Hon. Kaunmu  paid glowing tributes to his late mother and described her as the greatest mother that ever lived.

He also commended his matriarch for leaving a good name and great legacies which he promised to sustain.

Below is the full text of the note.

“Dear Mum, it was quite painful losing you at the time we did and since then, the pain of your exit has remained as fresh.

This is more so because you were a definition of many personalities rolled into one. 

You weren’t just a mother of mothers;  Teacher of teachers, role model, uncommon mentor, exceptional counselor, instructor, defender, voice for the voiceless, lifter of the downtrodden, fighter for the just cause and many more.

The vacuum your exit created had been so difficult to fill but we take solace in the affectionate memories of the good life you lived, the  sacrifices you made, the selflessness you exhibited and the good names and deeds you left behind.

Dearest Mum, you remained the greatest mother that ever lived and the sweet memories of you will never be forgotten.

Your vision, your passion, your drive as well as your quest for a better and just society will forever remain my tenets, mantra and driving force.

This is why I pray and work daily for the Grace to sustain and build upon your great legacies.

It’s been 14 long years after, yet it feels like yesterday and I miss you today more than ever.

The family and I remember you today and will always do till the end of time.

 May the Lord  continue  to grant you eternal peace, rest and comfort in HIS Bosom till we part no more.

Rest on,  _Maami Ayinke Ade, Arafat Omo Ologo. Iyeru Okin, Omo Olofa Mojo, Omo Gbonku Gbonku, Omo Gbonte Gbonte, Omo Ara o Wo’le Esu daanu, Omo Abi’su j’oruko, Ti Ja’kadi L’oro’fa….Omo Afi Gbogbo Ojo Dara bi Egbin….._

_Iya mi, Omo Elede, Ma fi’mi sile, E maa to mi sona lo. Oku Olomo ti kii sun…. Mo kan sa’ra si e ni ajule orun ti o ti n simi._

My Jewel,  I remember a song you used to sing to me: 

_“A la won omo mi o logbon lori, A la won Ebi mi t’aye se, A la ti mo bi o logbon pupo, E ba’n so fun Oluwa mi, Ko yan’da fun mi o, E ba n so fun’oluwa mi ko yan’da fun mi o”_

That _Olorun ti yan’da,_ I think I may be doing well so far, but I really want to do better and be the best son you can smile at from heaven and be fulfilled even in death. 

I miss you Mum, I miss you Abby Kas, I miss you my BEST FRIEND……. I love you now and always. 

Your grandchildren marvel at your beautiful imagery everyday in pictures and memories of you. You defied the statement that the writer, Ayi Kwei Armah once said that the beautiful ones are not yet born…… You were born beautiful , even though I was not there, you mirrored your beautiful soul into my life for the most of it that you were around and my kids will definitely tow the same part you taught me. Thank You for who I am today. YOU GAVE ME LIFE.

Abiola mi Owon, I appreciate all you did for me. it is well with your soul FOREVER!!!

Your only Son

*Adedamola Adetokunbo Idunnoluwa Temiwunmi Omowamiwa*

 (Your Adedams when you’re so happy with me)


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