Grace Nation@17: We are Celebrating God Faithfulness, Our best not yet come – Dr Chris Okafor

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— Our mandate is to win 1billions Souls into the kingdom of God

It was a celebration galore of God Faithfulness to Grace Nation and all it citizens across the Globe as the church/ Nation celebrated 17years of existence,,

Grace Nation is thanking God for the Prophetic journey with Signs and wonders

Senior Pastor and the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor LEDs the Thanksgiving service at the International headquarters of Grace Nation in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria with over 2million worshippers in attendance

The yearly special Thanksgiving service that took place on the 13th December2020, witness various Thanksgiving sections which includes, the church management and staffs , all the sect Groups/ States and family, the liberation city Voice was at there best with Spiritual Praise and Worship songs

In his word, the sect man who is the senior Pastor of the Church Dr Chris Okafor re emphasised that over the years of the church existence God has been so faithfull in every way, he said there best is yet to come because the mandate of winning 1billion soul to the kingdom of God has not been fulfill yet, the clergy said if the mandate is fullfill then the church can be said to have come to it’s best

Dr Chris Okafor used the occasions to called on Christian’s across the globe to be a partaker in the principle of winning souls into the kingdom of God and by this the kingdom of darkness will be depopulated to the glory of God

Grace Nation international aka Liberation City ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, was born 17years ago, the church started in a primary school class room, but today the church has metamorphosed to what it is today, some refer to Grace Nation as Mecca of sort to all kind of People who want to witness or experience the raw hand of God in there life and since inception God has been using his servant Dr Chris Okafor to change lifes and led many to the the kingdom of God

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