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The end is gradually coming for the deadly Pandemic, Corona virus {Covid -19} ravaging the world like a burning fire, just as Ebola virus was nailed out by the Generational prophet of God Dr. Chris okafor and the entire Grace Nations citizen through fasting and prayer , The same situation is about to happen to the deadly virus covid-19

A special 41 days fasting and Prayer session which begins in the second week of January 2021 is aimed at putting the pandemic to a halt across the continent of Africa and the rest of the world, because the scripture rightly said prayer and fasting are some of the weapon to be used to seek the face of the almighty God to turn around the tide of the deadly pandemic Covid-19

Speaking at the morning prayer session on Saturday 13th February 2021, the Senior Pastor of Grace Nation Dr Chris okafor emphasized that fasting and prayer are the two major tools to battle the pandemic to it bearest minimum , saying God of Grace Nation that nail out Ebola from the country is still very much able to exit covid-19 out permanently

The man of God said he believe that with this 41 days of fasting and prayers session for the nation, the ends has come for corona virus {covid-19}

Grace Nation also uses the fasting and prayer session to pray for the country, for unity to reign and for God wisdom over all the political leaders of the nation, a special prayer session was also said to focus on all Africa country, who are also battling with the deadly pandemic Corona virus

It will be recalled that right on the altar of Grace Nation international headquarters, Ebola virus was nailed and chased out of the world with confirmation from the united nation

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Abiodun Adisa is the CEO of Applaud Multimedia Services Publisher of Applaud News Magazine and Online

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