…Set to vie for Ward A councilor ship seat

As the forthcoming local government election in Lagos state fast approaches, one of the most visible and formidable contestants in the Ward A constituency of the Ifako/Ijaiye Local Government Area of the state, Alhaji Basiru Lateef Aremu, has made good his intention to contest for the plum post, by taking the first, via obtaining the nomination form ahead of others in the race. Favorably and keenly contesting on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Hon. Alhaji Lateef, is being touted as the likely winner of the hot contest, given the fact that he is humble, affectionate, and a party faithful and loyalist to the core, not to talk of his popularity and acceptance among the rank and file in his ward and by extension his local government as a whole. In fact, his preference for the elective office by the leaders, top stakeholders and supporters of his party in Ward A, is not in doubt. Meanwhile, from all indications, there are ominous signs that the visibly in-coming councilor, Hon. Lateef, stands a very good chance and stead in the coming election, as many of his co-aspirants and contestants withing and outside his party are already falling over themselves and getting jittery due to the growing popularity of the man commonly called by his moniker, ALHAJI LATEEF in political and social circles. For the record, Alhaji Lateef is a quintessential party faithful, uncommon party loyalist, and untainted politician, having navigated constructively and navigated the progressives clime of political emancipation from the AD, AC, ACN, and now the ruling party, APC. He is a philanthropist, unrepentant friend of the masses and a committed gregarious politician who is always on the side of the teeming masses. very grass rooted in his political exploits, and a very community-friendly person; virtues of which are contained in his very conscious and tight manifesto/agenda, which centers mainly on youths, children, empowerment, infrastructure, the aged, widows, women, education, health and education without any bias for religion, sex, age and political affiliation. All hail the unflinching, pragmatic, formidable, promising, enterprising and indomitable politician of note, Honorable Alhaji Bashir Lateef Aremu from the vibrant Ward A of Ifako/Ijaiye Local Government Area of Lagos state, the Center of Excellence and City of aquatic splendor. His election as a Councilor will be a plus for his people and constituents. Ipso Facto.

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