Lagos Lawmaker Caught Red Handed On Bed With Ghanaian Actress, Lydia forson

Lagos Lawmaker Caught Red Handed On Bed With Ghanaian Actress, Lydia Forson

Nollywood politician and actor, Desmond Elliot has been accused of cheating on his wife with a Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson. According to blogger Cutie__juls, who published the information via Instagram, the legislator has on a regular basis sponsored Lydia Forson’s visit to Nigeria and overseas. He allegedly lodges her in five star hotels in Nigeria once she visits without the knowledge of his wife, Victoria. The 47-year-old has been accused of neglecting his wife while focusing his time and money on his side business. Cutie_juls revealed that she once found Desmond Elliot in bed with Lydia while discussing the mental hardship Desmond Elliot’s wife (Victoria Elliot) is currently going through. 

Desmond Elliot  The post reads:“No hard feelings but to think Lydia Forson was sponsored to Obodoyinbo severally and slept in the best hotels when she visit Desmond in Nigeria only to see this shoe la pepe as one of Desmond’s beloved wife’s good shoes for the gram breaks my heart.Men, please as you are spending on the side chics, please kindly spend on your wives too.Desmond’s wife has been through a lot in the hands of her husband’s side chics. Especially that experience of catching her beloved husband in bed with Lydia that time. Damn!But thank God for his mercies. Oga Desmond, if you hurt this woman again, we online in-laws won’t forgive you.Merry Christmas lovelies.” See post below

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