Practical Christianity: Dr Chris Okafor Bless member with 1m to bury mum

Practical Christianity: Dr Chris Okafor Bless member with 1m to bury mum

The generational Prophet of God and Senior pastor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City Dr Chris okafor has demonstrated true spirit of Practical Christianity as he come to the rescue of a member who lost his mother for over two year and could not buried her due to lack of money

According to the member who will not want his name mention said he lost his mother two years ago and since then, him and his other siblings çould not raise money to give there mother a benefitting burial, even money to pay for the mortuary we could not raise it now he remarked

While at the mid week PHD Service at the international Headquarters of the church in lagos, Dr Chris Okafor located him, dymisified the misery behind the Inability of him and sibling to give there mummy befitting burial

Meanwhile the generational prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor has come to there rescue by giving them 1m to buried their mother and settle all outstanding bills, this is truelly a demonstration of Practical Christianity

The man of God also use the occasion to address various family alters affecting members in there field of endeavours

It will be recalled that Dr Chris OKafor remain one of few men of God around the world that gives priority to Giving back to the Society that makes them

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