• Okafor urges Nigerians to Pray against territorial Powers and Demons

The Lord your God will raise up to you a Prophet, from the midst of you, of your brethren, like to me, to him you shall hearken (Deuteronomy 18:15)

when God visit town, the earth will kiss the ground and the ground will so much receive power that, any things happen, barrier will be broken, even protocols will be ignore, the unexpected happensThis and more were peoples experiences and testimonies at the Grace Nation, 2022 (season 1) of the Acts of the Prophet conferences under the anointed servant of God, The Generational Prophet of God, Senior Pastor Grace Nation worldwide, Dr Chris OkaforMany came to the prophetic gathering with great expectations to receive from Elohim, whom they believe will put permanent solution to their different predicament, instead they got much more than what they bargain for, why because God specifically sent his servant Dr Chris Okafor to gather his people under these program (ACTS OF THE PROPHET) to speak into their life as commanded and within hours into the program, testimonies was rolling everywhere, even testimonies too coming in through Liberation TV viewers across the world, this Prophetic conference is expected to come up once in a month throughout the year

Earlier in his message with special focus on the “POWER OF THE TONGUE”, the Generational Prophet of God emphasized that one of the most powerful part of human being is his or her tongue, the clergy also remarked that the tongue dictate how one will go far in life and if the tongue is not control, the opposite might occur, the Lagos popular pastor also added that if one need to use his or her tongue for a positive things, he or she must speak the right words, speak honest, truthful words and you must continually speak the word of God

The Prophetic movement of the Holy Ghost through his anointed servant, Dr Chris Okafor took another dimension, this is a signals that year 2022 will be more brutal, the kingdom of darkness has a query to answer immediately before there kingdom faces total extinction, thereby making the kingdom of God more prominent, it was war at the conference as demons were seen manifesting and walking away from peoples life

The apostle of Altars, Dr Chris Okafor well known across the world for his prophetic ability to dymesified the principle and also irony of altars, never leave any stone on turns as he visits family altars, generations altars to set the captive free ,the man of God also use the session to leads over 1002 new convert to ChristAlso many expectant Mothers carried their babies, twins and triplet because they are wise knowing fully well that whenever God is in town many unexpected miracles happen

Meanwhile the Oracle of God as he is fondly called by faithful urges Nigerians particularly the Christians to come together and pray against any form of territorial powers and demons as preparation from this government to another government begins, Dr okafor said while leading his members to pray against this power said, those powers and demons work against all form of development, they are specifically sent to destroy territories, saying with prayers their mission will be aborted

The 21 days fasting and prayer session for the Nation continue too, it will come to end on 5 February, if you want divine power of God over your life you can join Dr Chris Okafor at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, without mincing words if you do, you must testify to the glory of God

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