In his tireless efforts to mould Zamfara State better than he met it, the Executive Governor of Zamfara State Rt. Hon. Dr. Bello Muhammad Matawalle has promised to wage the none stop war against Drugs addiction among the Youths, and promised to continue to provide cash with necessary tools to the teaming youths of the State for self reliance.

Governor Matawalle further said that, ” as you are all aware, my administration inherited higher degree of so many challenges ranging from insecurity, bad infrastructure, terrible Educational system and misappropriations of public resources.

“Last year we distributed keke Napep, to some of our hard working Youths, Cash support for the Married women to encourage small businesses.

“In this year 2022 Budget, I have directed the Directorate of poverty Alleviation, Skills Acquisition to give a holistic consideration to our Youths, because the idle mind is the Devil workshop,” Matawalle assured.

On the issue of scholarship, Gov. Matawalle promised to send more of qualify Zamfara youths to Europe Just as he did immediately he took the mantle of leadership two and half years ago.

” As we are winning the war against the criminals in the State, I am calling on all our religious leaders , stake holders, traditional leaders to help in preaching the gospel of peace and tolerance rather than to trigger public emotions. “Matawalle appeals.

Recalls that, early last week His Excellency Governor Bello Matawalle distributes Cash some youths of the State without considering their political Affiliation’s, all what Matawalle has been saying is ” Zamfara State first before any other personal interest

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