• all eligible Christians must get there voters card to participant in next elections- Dr Chris okafor

A clergy and Lagos Popular Prophetic Pastor who is also the Senior Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr chris okafor has advised all political officer holders to seek for divine wisdom and knowledge to function well at their various offices as the country is preparing to transits to another Government come 2023

Speaking at Grace Nation Sunday Divine Intervention and Breakthrough Service at the International Headquarters of the Church in Lagos Nigeria, the Popular Lagos prophetic deliverance Pastor said for any politicians to be successful in office come 2023,he or she must get Divine Wisdom from above otherwise the story will be the same, The Man of God said engaging the wisdom from above for effectiveness in various offices will guarantee good result and the agitated dividend of democracy will be felt at all levels.

The Apostle of Altars as he is fondly called by faithful said wisdom is the quality or state of being wise, knowledge of what is true or right coupled with actions, he said wisdom is better than strength he remarkedDr chris okafor also uses the Prophetic Service to call on all Eligible Nigerians particularly the Christians to ensure they register and get their voters card ready because this, will permit or allow you to demonstrate your franchise by voting for the most credible candidate of your choice, we must not sit down, fold our hands and expect miracle to happen, Christian must participant actively in the decision making in other to get the expected change he concluded

In his sermon, with Theme, “Commitment to Kingdom Advancement Part 3, engaging the Wisdom from Above for Effectiveness on the Field of Winning Soul” the Generational Prophet of God, Dr chris Okafor enumerated that you must first receives the Holy Spirit with evidence in all you’re doing not by speaking in tongue alone but must be dedicated child of God who serve in truth and work as spirit directed. He further explained that engaging the wisdom from above will perfect your effectiveness in winning souls to the kingdom of God

Highlight of the service includes over 1000 new convert that gave their life to Christ, the realm of the prophetic also take center stage as the Lagos Popular Radical Prophet Warrior Dr chris Okafor do what he knows how to do Best by depopulating the kingdom of darkness and promoting the kingdom of light through visiting various altars, delivering various captives and setting them free, he calls names and problems of individuals and the people behind their predicament, he exposes the strong man in various families one by one putting permanent stop to the source of their problems through prophetic declarations, in fact many will not forget on time what they witness today 13/02/2023 at the Sunday intervention and breakthrough service of Grace Nation international in Lagos Nigeria

Dr Chris Okafor uses the occasion to wish all Nigerians and Christians worldwide a Happy Valentine celebration, he Said God is Love and it’s very important to show love to everyone around us

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