Grace Nation: Dr Chris Okafor delivers a 10year boy from Heart Related illness

Grace Nation: Dr Chris okafor delivers a 10year boy from Heart Related illness

One of the major sign to know a true prophet of God is for him to declare a word ànd the word come to pass

One of such man of God is the Generational prophet of God and senior Pastor Grace Nation international aka Liberation city Dr chris okafor, he is God oracle who hear directly from God

Thursday 17 February 2022,will ever be remember by the parents of a 10year old boy  Abel from plateau state who has am heart related illness

The Apostle of altars, Dr Chris okafor at the midweek Prophecy, Healing and Delivering service PHD delivered the boy after he visited his case file, locate him and delivered him from Heart related diseases, after laying hand on the little boy, who spoke bluntly testify that he is free from the chest pain, the man of God directed the little boy parents to immediately go for another medical test to assertain the status of tje little boy health

The PHD Service was climax with diverse miracles which include, deliverance from family altars, blood line sickness snd many more

It will be recalled that Dr. Chris okafor singlehandedly chase out ebola out of Africa among many  miracle that has come to pass

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