The invasion of Ukraine by President Putin led Russia Government has been Condemned by Dr Anthony Orunkoya Esq the Africa President of World Alliance Against Terrorism,Violence and Inhuman Treatment(WAATVIT).In a communique issued at its South America workshop on Humanitarian Law,the Human Rights Group through its President Dr Anthony Orunkoya reiterated that Russia is in gross violation of various International Conventions most particularly Article 2(4) of the UN Charter as it relates to the sovereignty of Ukraine,its right to join NATO if it so desires, and respect for whatever bilateral decision Ukraine may choose to pursue in International politics.Dr Orunkoya Esq lampoond World leaders for failing to maximumly protect Ukraine.The Human Rights Group asserted that President Putin is desperate in his quest to take over territories and assert dominance within East Europe and beyond. The Group further stated that the failure of NATO to effectively protect Ukraine militarily led to the military strike by Russia who believes that the actions and powers of NATO are more of rhetorics. The Group supports economic sanctions taken so far against Russia but calls for more sanctions and military defence of Ukraine against Russia aggression as failure to do this will encourage strong and rich nations to occupy militarily weak nations.This condemnation of Russia military actions against Ukraine is seen by most Human Rights Groups globally as aggression and oppressive.Dr Anthony Orunkoya further posited that except the UN gives Ukraine the required military backing as they did for Kuwait when it was invaded by Iraq, Russia may likely occupy Ukraine and cause a regime change.

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