set women with 3year pregnant free, terminated bloodline Diseases

One of the Challenges of Human Being on earth is to fight battles that come in once way, therefore failure to fight such battle will results to the battle itself consuming such person, the only way to overcome challenges or battle is to be very close to God through worship in truth and in spiritA school of taught believes that battles or challenges make you prepared and make one steadfast toward achieving his or her goals in life.To this background, Dr chris Okafor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation city while teaching at the midweek Prophetic, Healing and Delivering {PHD} Service, Thursday 03/03/2022 at the international headquarters of the church in ojodu Berger Lagos emphasized that when you wait on the lord by depriving your body from certain things the body need regularly, you are telling God to take absolute control of your life and by this God take over everything about you which includes battles and challengesWhen you did not allow the body to dictates for you but you dictates for the body then you are more than a conqueror, therefore nothing come easy you must pay the price for something to happen in life, he said if you read your bible regularly and fast, this simply means you are preparing yourself against any evil occurrence, you are surrounding yourself with Holy Ghost fire therefore the devil can never come near you the Generational Prophet of God declaresThe Realms of the prophetic took another dimension at the PHD service as God uses his servant Dr Chris Okafor to break a 900 year old family battle, the popular Lagos Radical Fire brand Prophetic warrior located a family whom are engulfed in a misery family battle for over 900 years, He visited the altar behind their battle, he discovered that the family has been swimming in different ailment ranging from mental health to different bloodline diseases, the Apostle of Altar pray for the family and the boy currently suffering from the unstable condition fell under the anointing and was delivered alongside his parents and family members. A woman who was carrying a 3 years old pregnancy also met God mercy through it servant Dr Chris Okafor, the 3years old pregnancy which the science could not see, as they claim there was no pregnancy was delivered and the baby immediately start to kick, Many family altars were destroyed and the lawful captives set free, over 1000 miracle babies were released by God through his servant and there were instant testimonies of blocked menstruation flow all to the glory of GodSunday 6th March 2022 is another day if you want to see and fell raw power of God in your life, make a date with the generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor at the international headquarters of Grace Nation 10-13 liberation close Oshifisan street off Edozie by Ereke Bus stop ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria for a divine encounter

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