• 35 -Years-old man deaf and dump miraculously regain his hearing problems, plus mega instantly alert that triggers heaven during the service

No doubt Dr. Chris Okafor is a true prophet of God sent to all mankinds with what the congregations experiences in today’s service, no one will ever doubt his ministry as It was another miracle unending galore at the international headquarters of Grace Nation church in ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

Many faithful/believers received instant alert on their phones instantly while a man who was born deaf regain his hearing during the prophetic service

Many miracle babies were released by God through this man that seeks after God’s heart the Generational Prophet of God, Senior Pastor of Grace Nation aka Liberation City Dr Chris OKAFOR at the Sunday mega miracle service.

In his teaching before the prophetic movement with Topic, ”Convenant of Preservations through commitment to service” the man of God explained further that “Convenant services prolong life while Convenant kingdom preserve life for those who serve the Lord in truth and in Spirit”

The Apostle of altars also emphasised that the likes of Moses, Daniel and Malachi in the Bible explains the importance of commitment by those servant of God which gave them power and edge over the devil

Dr Chris okafor said the devil is powerless in as much as you commit yourselves to the service of God genuinely on the vain that will preserve you from the devil’s attacks

The realm of the prophet witnesses diverse testimonies through God servant Dr Chris Okafor who speaks accurately to the life of many, he visited altars and spiritually described the home town of many by revealing/exposing altars and foundational curses behind many people’s predicaments
Highlight of the realm of the prophetic was when God’s servant located a 35years old man who was said to have been born deaf and dumb, the man of God pray, lay hand on him and on the spot, his ear were open and begin to hearing the words of God speaking from the mouth of the real servant of God, it was a mind-blowing miracle as members of the church were happy, some were pouring encomium on the man of God, one among the church member name withheld suddenly and with joy declared that Dr Chris Okafor is a senior prophet of God who hear directly from God and Christlike emulations
It will be recalled that Dr Chris Okafor remains one of the most popular man of God across the world with accurate prophecy

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