Untold story of how Lekan Osifeso’s wive nearly disrupt his chieftaincy title party + how Awujale contract  Covid-19 at the  installation 

Untold story of how Lekan Osifeso’s wive nearly disrupt his chieftaincy title party + how Awujale contract  Covid-19 at the  installation 

Last year the Lagos high society was agog with the news of the impending chieftaincy ceremony of Ijebu high Chief, Chief Olamilekan Osifeso. He was to be crowned the Olootu Olowa of Ijebu land by the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona. Truly the party lived up to its expectations and even surpassed it. Legendary Ijebu born socialite and who already has an array of prestigious chieftaincy titles pulled out all the stops to make his chieftaincy title a memorable one. So many dignitaries from Lagos and Abuja; the Lagos high society was fully on ground as the super rich women dazzled in their various HOH Swiss laces. 

Kwam 1 played at the party and as usual his performance was superlative. What shocked most people was the presence of the Lagos state Governor Sanwo Olu and his deputy Femi Hamzat, they not only attended the coronation but patiently sat all through for the event. Unbeknownst to many people Lekan Osifeso has always been close to Mr Sanwo-olu who is his bestie so also the deputy Governor Mr Femi Hamzat. There are credible intel to posit that as it stands today, Lekan Osifeso who used to do contracts with the Ministry of works in Abuja is now one of the big time contractors with the Lagos state government. As a bestie of Sanwo Olu he is said to be highly and frequently favored with ridiculously over inflated contracts with which he uses to fund both his very extravagant lifestyle and his harem of women and concubines. Sources with a know of his antics within the Lagos state government allege that he is one of those fronting for Governor Sanwo Olu as he is in a best position to allegedly launder any volume of cash for the Governor should the need arise. They claim that his closeness with the Governor is such that he would be giving Sanwo advices on how to allegedly smartly shortchange his political godfather Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. 

Ahead of the burial party his wives and string of female lovers were threatening to clash at the Ijebu ode chieftaincy party with each camp threatening to out do the other. Lekan who is officially married to two wives, Aisha and Tola has now almost added a third one to the list. The beautiful woman is a current female commissioner in Lagos state and they have been dating for a while now. By being bestie with the Governor and dating the  commissioner, the very smart socialite has Alausa in his pocket. The expected clash was so anticipated because  the female commissioner has teamed up with the first wife Aisha against the beautiful and more out going Tola who is the second wife. 

At the party Tola is said to have outshine them all with her super fashionable Lagos crowd. When it was dancing time, they kept spraying Tola so much it literally looked like they offloaded an entire bank vault on her. She made so much money at that party as she used that party to let the other women know that they were not in anyway mates within the social circle. Aisha and the female commissioner still managed to humiliate Tola as their camps at the party could be heard laughing at her loudly. It was such a wild and uncouth scenario. Most people actually do not have any sympathy for Tola who left her husband in the cold to elope with Lekan Osifeso who used to be a family friend. 

Though this is not the first time that the two wive’s of Osifeso will engaged in show of shame, few years both of them [Aisha and Tola} nearly distrupt the remembrance party that Lekan held for his father. When it was time to dance ,Lekan came out with Tola  but Aisha who is the first wife didn’t like it . She simply grabbed Lekan by the neck with all the gold jewelries he was wearing threatening to disrupt the party and shouting on top of her voice that why would he bring the prostitute (Tola) who he snatched from her husband to the party.It took the intervention of other dignitaries at the party to calm fray nerves before the party could go on but the the damaged has been done.

But all these pale into insignificance when we juxtapose it with what you are about to read. This Lekan Chieftaincy title had been postponed countless times making people to believe it wasn’t ordained by God. As if to say that God didn’t approve of it and that it carried a bad omen, at that party which greatly exposed the Awujale of Ijebu land, the revered monarch contacted Coronavirus and it almost killed him. There was so much fury and anger within the palace of the respected Ijebu monarch that people began to wonder aloud why Lekan would bring this carnival type of party to the palace with the COVID thing still allover the place. Awujale was so sick all those who were privileged to how he contacted the COVID thought he wouldn’t make it and swore not to forgive Lekan Osifeso should the revered Monarch die of COVID. They promised to tell everyone what and how he got this disease and knowing Ijebu, Osifeso would have been in big trouble. Luckily the aged monarch bounced back to good health. 

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