How Gov. Sanwo-Olu Close friend, Lekan Osifeso Is Using Fake Documents To Secure Multi Billion Contracts From Federal And States Governments

How Lekan Osifeso Is Using Fake Documents To Secure Multi Billion Contracts From Federal Government and States
Legendary socialite, city play boy and Ijebu high chief, Otunba Olamilekan Osifeso who has been in the news in recent times for his superlative lavish chieftaincy party in Ijebu ode has always been a man of different parts. Lekan who is well known within the Yoruba Social Establishment of Nigeria is a construction mogul who has been in the business of constructing roads and building properties on behalf of state governments and the Federal government through his company Lekai Construction Ltd.
Unlike most genuine business men who take the pains of going through the rigorous process of building a brand, Lekan has always been on the very fast pace. He is a contractor with the ministry of works in Abuja where he was awarded multi billion naira projects amongst which was a popular road project up north. But what the Federal Government does not know is that most of the documents tendered by his company for contracts evaluation at the ministry of works Abuja are fake and largely doctored. Lekan who is in the habit of never paying his taxes faked the tax clearance certificates with which his companies used to procure contracts from the federal government. How does this work? Let’s tell you.
Durin the administration of Goodluck Jonathan, an administration noted for where anything goes, the ministry of works advertised some huge contracts on national papers Lekan and his fraudulent team quickly went  into action and immediately picked up the bid document for that particular lot number or contract as the lay man on the street refers to it.
The bid tender itself was set at a very high amount by the ministry so as to chase way average firms but Lekan bought his own and within weeks submitted various documents as part of his technical bid while he put down a certain amount almost in the tune of N5b as his financial bid. To get to the financial bid opening process a company has to pass successfully at the technical bid level: meaning that your company must be up to date with its tax payments, tax remittances, FIRS, VAT payments, pension scheme for its staff and much more that we can’t go into now. Its on the strength of your technical bid that a company is pre qualified to the financial bid process level and at that financial level the company with the lowest quotation will be awarded the job,but in this case the entire process was flawed from the onset as due process was not followed at all and we shall prove it beyond reasonable doubt as this epic story unfolds. Lekan bambozed his way to the financial level and when he wasn’t giving the contract he immediately started fighting and lobbying all the contacts he had acquired all the way. lt was during this time that he snatched   his  wife the rich tola solomon,  for he knew the days of 419 money making techniques were over so with tola’s contacts and his impeccably rehearsed fake lifestyle he will make it big in Abuja. 
Tola is a player in the league of big women, she is best of friends with Senator Sade Bent,  billionaire Fifi Ejindu and a host of top female icons in the FCT. So Lekan went lobbying on all sides and eventually he was able to compromise the then minister of works Mike Onolememen and his ministerial tender board that approved the contract. When Lekan’s company was not initially given the job the BPP( bureau of public procurement) stepped in and Otunba Osifeso’s company was replaced as the winner of the said lot as a result from the ministry of works turning blind eyes to the fake documents he submitted to win the said contract. Yes we say it loud and clear FAKE documents. Unknown to Lekan we are in the know of his activities in the FCT our spy lens is 5D and sees it all. contractors that vied for the same lot are screaming fraud and we are reliably informed that it was corruption at the highest level. We have through our contacts at the procurement department received all copies of the various documents that Lekan Osifeso submitted for this multi billion naira deal then submited by Lekan fake all the way.
According to our source who is an insider with the procurement department of the Ministry of works, Lekan Osifeso works directly with the head of procurement and the evaluation team in the department of procurement. These staff members are those mandated by the ministry to evaluate on everybody’s documents and carefully weed out the fakes and unqualified and also push those qualified to the final stage. So by bribing these procurement staff with millions of naira depending on the value of the job, they then weed out companies that are truly qualified but progress Lekai Ltd with their fake tax clearance to the final stage of qualification. No company stands a chance against Lekai as he is working with insiders who make it very easy for him and so with first hand information at his disposal he then begins to put pressure on whoever is the minister as at the said time to issue him the award letter for that particular job. Bear in mind that falsifying your tax clearance is a criminal offence and is punishable by prison sentence.
Now Lekan is back in Lagos executing jobs and contracts for Sanwo Olu.  The super fashionista has increased his doings the social world and has acquired state of the art automobiles with which he cruises to parties on weekends.
The question on the lips of those who knows about his fraudulent lifestyle is, he also using fake tax documents to procure contracts in Lagos state? Does the Governor know that his main man is in the habit of falsifying documents for contracts? Knowing Otunba Osifeso he would most likely still be in that undesirable habit which can perfectly be intercepted to mean that Lagos state is aiding fraud on a grand scale.

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