Spirit And Prosperity Conference : : Enugu is on Holy Ghost fire As Dr Chris Okafor shakes City with Miracles, Deliverance

Spirit And Prosperity Conference : : Enugu is on Holy Ghost fire As Dr Chris Okafor shakes City with Miracles, Deliverance

  • famous Gospel Act Gozie Okeke And Gabriel Peters Dazzles faithfuls with Prophetic Praise and Worship Songs

The ongoing powerful 3 days Prophetic tsunami (spirit and Prosperity Conference) in Enugu has recorded tremendous testimonies as many participants who attended the Official Opening of the conference came back to give testimonies of How God uses his servant Dr Chris Okafor to turn things around in their life within 24 hours

One of the testifiers who was wheel to the conference with a wheelchair yesterday came to day 2 of the conference to testify with his two legs without any support, Another testifier says, he has been blind for 8 years but after attending the first day of the Spirit and prosperity conference where The Generational Prophet of God prayed and declared that anyone who cannot walk or see will regain his or her body back to normal and like a child play while on her way back home she gain her sight back, Another Person testifies that her menstral circle that have ceased for close to 5 years flow out after the declarations by the Senior Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor, just to mention few

In continuation of his teaching “The Secret of Dealing with Ungodly Transaction and Patterns of Our Fathers” the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor continue that Every action came as a result of an action that took place either from a long time, the Apostle of altars stated further that our fathers have sin and no more,but the children’s suffers the iniquities of their Actions despite some are not born when the agreement was made, He said when i convenant from the wicked one is established it go a long way before it can be corrected except you established a memorial through instruction by the Annoited servant of God before you can escape the ungodly Transaction and Patterns of the fathers

The Oracle of God also established the facts that in some family there own case or family patterns is poverty, some are blood line disease while some are untimely death, in most cases this generations might be ignorant to these information, that is why same issues continue, but when you careful study and take instructions you will escape from going through same Pattern, The man of God declared that the devil is powerless even without structure but ignorance of the People gave the devil platform to operates.

Famous Gospel Artiste Gozie okeke alongside Gabriel Peters of Liberation Voice dazzles faithfuls with Prophetic Praise and worship songs at the day 2 of the conference making the atmosphere fully charged for God to come down to the Revival

Various mind blowing Testimonies climax the realms of the Prophetic, the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris okafor did what he knows how to do best that is the Prophetic, he mention names, accurately , villages and expose every strong Man behind peoples predicaments, indeed the kingdom of Darkness around Enugu and its environs are in Problem, Holy Ghost fire is burning evil altars as many of their agents can no longer bear the fire but to submit to the almighty at the conference

Over 2000 new convert gave their life to christ at the conference making the kingdom of God popular and depopulating the kingdom of Darkness

The Spirit and Prosperity conference continue tomorrow 6/05/2022 at same venue by 4pm in Enugu, Enugu state

Come with your love ones, both the sick and who want the torch of God because tomorrow event according to the servant of God will be more brutal, because God have a purpose for the conference and the purpose shall never go unfulfilled , God is ready to change the situation of all the participants both the Liberation Television viewers around the world for better

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