Grace Nation: You Must Be Spiritually Intelligent To Get To Your Next Level in Life – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: You Must Be Spiritually Intelligent To Get To Your Next Level in Life – Dr Chris Okafor

  • Kidney stone disappear and Spinal cord Restored
  • Church Dedicated Miracle Babies and Empowered widows

The Prophetic and communion Sunday Service of Grace Nation international aka Liberation witness the supernatural hand of God as Almighty God came down with Power of healing at the service through his servant Dr Chris Okafor to healed a woman suffering from a spinal cord related illness, she could not walk but after a prayer from the Man of God, she was healed and can do what she has not been able to do for many years, Also a lady was also delivered from Kidney stone issue, she was in church two week ago and the man of God Dr Chris Okafor located her and she was prayed for, to the glory of God she came to church today 29/May/2022 with an evidence the result of test carried out and the result was Negative all to the glory of God

In his sermon with sub-tittles Horns of Wickedness, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor emphasised that it is only the spiritual Carpenter that is equipped with wisdom and knowledge from above that has the capacity to defect the Horns of Wickedness

The Lagos Popular Televangelist Prophet stated further that as the name implies, Horns is the weapons or Part of some Animal put in strategy place to tackle or to cause havoc for the opponent, he said Horns are of different types, the Apostle of altars said some horns are barriers in life, Promise and fail, sickness, Poverty, barrenness and many more

The Generational Prophet of God Dr Okafor said one must be spiritually Intelligent to tackle horns of wickedness else it will deprive you from getting to your next level in Life he concluded

Miracle babies were dedicated at the Prophetic and Communion service, one of the testifiers who came to the Church as a single lady few year ago, met her husband at the church and today dedicated her third child, she said it can only be the God of Dr Chris Okafor, Another woman who dedicated her bouncing baby Boy testify with joy that throughout her pregnancy period to the delivering time, she enjoyed the hand of God of Dr Chris Okafor.

Meanwhile over 2000 widows were given the monthly gift from the Man of God, the gift includes food stuff, clothing Material and cash gift to support Some Business.

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