Grace Nation: God is a Good Businessman -Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: God is a Good Businessman -Dr Chris Okafor

Famous Global Cleric and The Generational Prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city has re emphasised that God Is a very good business man

Speaking at a fora at Grace Nation international Headquarters in Lagos, the Oracle of God said God only sponsors what he jas interest in, he stated further that when you partner with God in his vineyard he also partner with you in your Business

The Generational Prophet of God remarked that many people while praying to God only mention what to gain from God forgetting what God will benefit too in return, but such prayers never come out with good result.but when you pray, ask God to do something for you and in the prayer if you explain to God that when you do this and this for me, i will come back and do this and this to his kingdom too, Immediately God will approve the Prayers because its a win win for the both party.

The Man of God concluded that when you partner with God through Kingdom Development, through tithing, Physical Commitment to the Things of God, God in returns Partner with you because God is a Busineses Man that need you and i to do business with Dr Chris Okafor remarked

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