Grace Nation: When you Grow With The Word Of God,Your Testimonies Is Guarantee – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: When you Grow With The Word Of God,Your Testimonies Is Guarantee – Dr Chris Okafor

  • Let join hand and pray for our Leaders, Okafor advice
  • Expectations is the Mother of Manifestation

The word of God is the only thing that can convert the soul because everything about the Lord is Clean and Perfect

While teaching at the Grace Nation special friend and family Sunday service at the International Headquarters of the church in ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, the senior Pastor of the Church Dr Chris Okafor explained that the revelation of the Lord is to direct our Life path in the rightful road, it also serve as a guide to a righteous road which has no sorrow in it.

The Generation Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor in his sermon at the Sunday Glorious and impactation service with topic The Making of an Attractive church stated that the decisions of God are accurate and the only solution to the dilemma
of Christian’s is the word of God

Explaining what make a church Attractive, the Popular Global man of God said Expectations is the Mother of Manifestation, people go to church basically on their Many expectations, Many expect God to meet them at the point of there needs, therefore God does not only responds to one prayers but also respond to there thinking

The Oracle of God as he is fondly called said to see or experience Manifestation of God plan over your life, you must start your expectations with Prayer and God almighty will answer your request with Speed

The Move of the spirit was powerful at the service, God uses his servant Dr Chris Okafor in a different dimension, he mentions people name accurately exposing the secret behind many altars, he also pray for many families setting the lawful captive free, Meanwhile many expectant mother’s carry there miracle babies,,,The Generation Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor also used the occasion to pray for the country, as the nation is preparing to move from one democratic government to another, Let us pray for our leaders at this present time,this is the time they need our prayers the most, he also challenge Nigerians to collect their PVC saying this is the time we should start to change the future of the country for better, the Clergy remarks

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