London conference Day 3: Nothing unusual Happens until somebody do something unusual – Dr Chris Okafor

London conference Day 3: Nothing unusual Happens until somebody do something unusual – Dr Chris Okafor

  • There is a spiritual obligation to meet for God hand to move

The London spirit and Prosperity conference has enter day 3 with mind blowing Testimonies of how God Liberates many families and deliver some from battle stronger than them

The day 3 of the Prophetic conference was also climax with the words of God, healing and Deliverance

In his sermon with Topic “Ancestral and bloodlines noises and how to silence it” The lead pastor of Grace Nation international Dr Chris Okafor emphasized that there is no battle that cannot come to end, he said the only battle that cannot come to end is the one you do not understand, the man of God said you must understand the battle you are facing otherwise it will consume you. Lot of people are fighting battles but did not know how to come over it, Dr okafor remarks that what you don’t know is greater than you

There is no battles that you are fighting that is new, it has always been there, until you do something unusual before unusual things can happen in your life

Dr Chris Okafor affirmed that every battles have it’s own key to solution, until you understand the kind of battle you are facing an apply the unusual principles,the battles remains, but when you deploy the unsual methodology, the battle become things of the past,the man of God remarks

The realms of the Prophetic at the conference took a new dimensions with accurate prophecy, Deliverance of all kinds,healings from different affliction to mention but few

The Generational prophet of God Dr Chris okafor attended to various case files of participants one after the other at the conference profiling permanent solutions, the Apostle of altars also visit altars behind people’s predicament exposing the strong man behind those altars and setting the captive free, he also set the Marine kingdom on fire, there were instant Testimonies of Miracle babies everywhere at the conference

Meanwhile the Harvest of Babies conference 2022 will begin at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria on Wednesday 24th -28th August 2022, over 2000 miracle babies will be receives by mother’s, this is another opportunity for mother’s to carry there miracle babies, don’t be left out,

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