Grace Nation: God is a Night Crawler – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: God is a Night Crawler – Dr Chris Okafor

*Harvest of Babies Extra ends with testimonies

*Harvest of delivery for delay Pregnancy Climax conference

Almighty God is our helper in the time of needs, the holy ghost is position to help us when in need, therefore you must understand his principle,how it works because God is everywhere at all times but do not manifest everywhere

These are the foundations to the Teaching made by the lead Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor at the special Thanksgiving service for this year’s Harvest of Babies Extra conference

In his Teachings on the Conference theme “Breaking The Yoke of Barrenness” explained that not until you understand the Principle of fruitfulness,then you will be Free from the spirit of Barrenness, The Man of God said until you start to listen to the voice of God through prayer, when you have access to God through prayer, you become victorious and have access to everything, Work work more in the night, therefore I can say God is a night clawler why because he does most of his things in the night
If you want to access God, or get his blessings, pray more in the night, Elohim is available and accessible more in the night

Except you become more useful to God by listening to the Holy Spirit, he might not listen to you, Dr Chris Okafor concluded

The grand finale of Harvest of Babies Extra witness Harvest of delivery for delay Pregnancy, woman’s with 2&3 years pregnancy were deliver at the conference, medical report tat confirmed that both woman were not pregnant because scan cannot confirm there pregnancy, spiritual Doctor Dr Chris Okafor reconfirm that both woman’s are pregnant, the man of God pray and deliver them as both babies were turning live confirming the babies are alive

Another testimonies was that ok f a woman who carries her pregnancy 20 months, she was prayed for by Dr Chris Okafor and has delivered her baby

Over 25000 babies have been released so far since the conference begins four days ago, many testimonies from the last editions of the program with over 20 families dedicating there miracle babies at the Thanksgiving service

The 3 days family Liberation conference the Harvest of Babies Extra was brought to a close with special rendation of Thanksgiving song by the Liberation voice choir of Grace Nation International ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

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