Grace Nation : You Must Pay Price, If you Want to be Successful in Life – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation : You Must Pay Price, If you Want to be Successful in Life – Dr Chris Okafor

  • Am a Secret Billionaire who don’t make Noise – Okafor

A clergy and lead Pastor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor has declared that to be successful in Life you must pay a certain price in Life

Speaking at the midweek Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance Service (PHD) on thursday 15 September 2022 at the international Headquarters of the church in ojodu Berger lagos Nigeria, explained that even the devil understand this principles of Sacrifice, The Generational prophet of God as he is fondly called said to make money genuinely you must pay a price and those one making money through the bad way understand the principle of Sacrifice too, that is why some of them use a whole human being in exchange as sacrifice.

therefore when you partner with God through your kingdom heritage and Sacrifice with your substance, Elohim will partners with you and you will become successful in life, you can make good money through your kingdom commitment

Making himself as a case study, The Generational prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor remarked that he is a secret multi-Billionaire who don’t make noise, He said he understand the principle to make wealth through partnership and sacrifice to the kingdom of God, I sacrifice like no tomorrow that is why I am very successful in what I do, okafor concluded

The Realm of the prophetic witness drama and Laughter as a New convert young man prayed for remarks that he promise himself before coming to the PHD service that he will stop womanising next year because he will be getting married the coming year this gear shouting ans laughter as the young man was delivered from extravagant lifestyle, also so many worshippers were delivered from ascent altars keeping there glory for a long time as God uses his servant Dr Chris Okafor to release 27 miracle babies at the Prophetic service

It will be recalled that the Generational Prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor remain one of the major prophet of God across the globe with Accurate Prophecy, He Prophesies the death of the queen of England at the Cross over night of December 2021 Accurately among Many that have come to pass in 2022

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