Meet Wole Adepoju, Lagos Based Journalist Who Is An Ardent Supporter of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

If you are looking for his trouble and red eyes, you don’t need to go too far, just make unpalatable and unprinted statement on the APC National leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

This unrepentant lover of Jagaban Borgu, will stand with his last breathe to defend the integrity, credibility, personality and ambition of the ‘best political strategies and mathematician’.

Is no other person than the youthful scribe, media personality and one of the best hands in the world of journalism, Oluwole Adepoju.

Wole, a professional journalist is not a politician, but a critical political analyst and a lover of Nigeria. How and while he became Tinubust, no one can tell, but the love he had for Asiwaju is second to none and conspicuous.

Someone even said, if you check Wole’s blood, what you will see is Tinubu instead of redish fluid, that is just to tell you how well is been attached to the former governor of Lagos state and national leader All Progressive Congress (APC)

The seasoned journalist believed that the only person that could succeed President Muhammad Buhari to take the nation to the next level as the APC slogan implies is Jagaban.

Give him a reason why Tinubu should not be the president, Wole will give you one millions reasons why the Asiwaju of Lagos will do 8 years as Nigeria president.

To the surprise of many, he has never met Asiwaju, neither is Asiwaju aware that this society writer exist.

Wole is more than a loyalist, calling him disciple is even an understatement but to the cause of the former treasurer of Mobil oil ambition Wole can go any length even if blood relative stand on his way, the handsome dude and publisher justnews online media will not restrain to crush such person any time any day.

By Taofik Afolabi

Edited by Olanireti Olusegun

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Abiodun Adisa is the CEO of Applaud Multimedia Services Publisher of Applaud News Magazine and Online

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