Zamfara: PDP massively losing members to APC – Chieftain cries out

De-camping Tsunami is at it’s highest peak on the side of the Zamfara State People Democratic party (PDP), as the daily statistics shows that if care is not urgently taken, the gubernatorial candidate of PDP Dr, Dauda Lawal Dare might end up having only his extended family members vote for him during the upcoming 2023 Nigeria general elections, an APC Chieftain who chose to remain anonymous for security reasons, revealed to us the huge damning figure of PDP members awaiting a cross-carpet to APC.

Our investigations shows and confirms that apart from the 11’500 PDP supporters who have indicated their intention and waiting to dump PDP and join APC next week, another massive number are pulling out of the party and pulling out the rug under the feet of the Embattled Zamfara State PDP governorship aspirant Dr, Dauda Lawal Dare.

And the complains about the PDP candidate and the entire party in the state, hinges on failed promises from the party leadership which has dragged over time.

Particularly the grassroot people in most of Zamfara’s fourteen local government areas, said they are displeased over the party’s leadership as they have continued to give promises that they never fulfill.

Speaking over the decision to cross carpet enmasse to APC, Alhaji Bilki Usman, the leader of one of the many dissatisfied groups said that:

“We can not continue to accommodate the lies and promises of PDP leaders in our state. Let us go to where promises are fulfilled. We are all moving to APC, there’s no going back anymore.”

It is pathetic that the hope of the PDP making any slight impression at the upcoming general elections in 2023 in Zamfara state is becoming more and more slimmer as internal crises continues to rock the party almost on a daily basis in Zamfara state

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