President Buhari Bestows MON Honour On Folashade Okoya

President Buhari Bestows MON Honour On Folashade Okoya

Extremely beautiful, dutiful and hard working Vice President of the magnificent Eleganza Industrial City, Dr. Mrs. Folashade Okoya was among the 497 Nigerians and friends of Nigeria conferred with national honours by President Muhammadu Buhari. The glamorous wife of Nigerian billionaire businessman Aare Rasaq Akanni Okoya stepped up gallantly to receive the Member of the Order of the Niger (MON) award on Tuesday, the 11th of October, 2022 at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Abuja. The achievement is indeed a remarkable and outstanding one for the immensely endowed priceless jewel of the Okoya family as family members led by her caring and adoring husband, Aare Okoya were on hand to felicitate with her.
To many Nigerians, the national honours conferred on certain individuals (both Nigerians and expatriates) must have an underlining tone particularly based on the contributions of such individual(s) and most especially his or her impact on national development and obviously, Dr. Mrs. Folashade Okoya has selflessly and greatly contributed her own quota to the upliftment of the Nigerian economy. This, she achieved by inculcating valuable leadership on the Eleganza brand via the re-branding, reinventing, rehabilitating and restructuring of both human, capital and industrial sectors of the gigantic manufacturing empire. Today, Dr. Mrs. Folashade Okoya could easily be described as Nigeria’s most prolific, industrious and proactive manufacturing elegant stallion.
She has worked and toiled assiduously in breathing life into the almost moribund company and today, propelled the image of Eleganza Industrial City to the peak of all manufacturing companies in Nigeria. Beyond the shores of the country, Dr. Folashade Okoya has also upgraded Eleganza’s products to the attraction and receptance of people in the Diaspora and this has further brought about a more positive image for the Nigerian brand. She is arguably one of Nigeria’s most influential business amazons, an iconic industrial magnate and a delectable fashionista per excellence. One wonders how Dr. Folashade Okoya (MON) is able to conveniently combine the duties of being a tight-scheduled businesswoman, a loving wife, a caring mother and a role model to younger generations of ladies/women who look up to her. The beautiful, brainy and bold woman of valour encompasses the ideology of national development, portraying herself as a devoted and sincerely committed ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Quadri Olowolagba,
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