Grace Nation: Am too Dangerous For Any Demonic Harassment – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: Am too Dangerous For Any Demonic Harassment – Dr Chris Okafor

” I serve God deligently, I am like him… Okafor

When you understand the principles of Prayers, altars and Sacrifices, you become a nightmare to the kingdom of the darkness, with constant prayers, your believe and total faith in God’s work will renew your spiritual strength always to counter the devil at anytime

To this background,the lead Pastor of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City Dr Chris Okafor teaches on the series he started few weeks ago at the Sunday Glorious service at the international Headquarters of the church at Ojodu Berger Lagos, Nigeria

The Topic “For this Reasons I Pray” the Generational Prophet of God said there are two major altars you must not ignore as a Christian,he said you must not ignore the principles of Prayers and Sacrifices, the Generational Prophet also remarks that when you are in the midst of problem you must not forget to Deploy prayers as your weapon while also maintain that sacrifice Rap up the prayer,

The Generational Prophet of God also re emphasised that not only while you are in problem you must pray, he said it is good you pray on waiting so that problem will not consume you.

When you pray and it seems nothing is happening, that is an indication that your results is very close, Dr Chris Okafor affirmed

In all my dealings prayers is all I Deploy as a means of getting instructions from Elohim, I go down on my knees to pray whenever I discovered something strange is about to happen, that is why am too Dangerous to be Harass by the devil,if Demon’s see me they run away for survival,the Popular Lagos Prophet concluded

Projected Spirit of death was averted over a young man at the services, during the realms of Prophetic movement God came down mightily through his servant, Dr Chris Okafor to rewrite a family pattern Life style of a young lady, the prophesy exposed the pattern that in their family when you get to a certain age you must die, and this has continue for Generations, God located this lady, through his servant Delivered her and her family and the evil pattern was cancelled,

Different bloodline diseases received instant healing, also a lady who had marriage convernant with her late boyfriend was delivered, the man of God located her Pray and set her free from the bondage, it was a miracle babies galore at the Deliverance service as God located over 599 mother’s with there miracles twins and triplets all to the glory of God

Meanwhile the 100 days of strange testimonies and wonders continue tonight with the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor, you can join him and be part of the 100 days fasting and Prayers session, your life will never remain the same, as you join him online through verified Chris Okafor Page on Facebook and YouTube by 9-10pm daily as the program lasted……

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