Grace Nation: The blood has Capacity to Break yokes of Impossibilities – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: The blood has Capacity to Break yokes of Impossibilities – Dr Chris Okafor

The blood is life and the blood of anything carries the life of that things, Meanwhile the blood of Jesus has a better life in it.

To this background, a clergy and Senior Pastor, Grace Nation worldwide Dr Chris okafor speaking at the Global communion service on Sunday 13 November 2022, said the blood is for ransom the blood stand as a collateral for exchange.

The Generational Prophet of God who Preach on the topic in his series, Breaking the family Pattern said the blood has power to breaks barriers, he stated further that when blood is deployed it stand as a memorial to battle any-kind of Pattern.

The clergy also remarked that one of the major ways to break out of any family pattern is to deployed the blood, the blood which can Come as your kingdom commitment, supporting various kind of ongoing Project in the house of God can stand for you as the blood on the days of need, The blood can break you out from Death, barrenness, poverty and many more

The Global communion service witness Deliverance, Healing, Prophecy, Miracles and solution
Over 80 New convert submit for Jesus Christ while God uses his servant Dr Chris Okafor to destroyed demonic family pattern of worshippers, God released more than 78 miracles babies to mothers who are waiting on the lord for the fruit of the womb

Meanwhile the 100 days of strange Testimonies and solution continues with Fasting and prayers, you can join Dr Chris Okafor by 9-10pm Dailies as the program lasted, strange testimonies and deliverance have been recorded since the program stated, you can get your own testimonies as you join the man of God on all the online platform of Grace Nation aka Liberation City Daily.

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