Fake Pastor: Mbaise Community warns Phillips Anochie To Be Responsible For Once, We are Peaceful People

Fake Pastor: Mbaise Community warns Phillips Anochie To Be Responsible For Once, We are Peaceful People

…Diabolic Lifestyle of Phillip Anochie Affected Family Breakup

+He is a very irresponsible Father as kingsman/Elders Opens Up

One Phillips Anochie Mbaise man who is masquerading round to tell people around him how his family abruptly left him but failed to narrated how his laziness and irresponsible as a father contributed and caused the brakeup hazard.

Genuine Investigation revealed by this platform to ascertain the true picture of his allegations, that someone name (withheld) rented house for his wife and at the same time not granted access to his children seems to be a pathological liar from the pit of hell.

Sources who’s a close allies to this diabolical man who Parade himself as a pastor affirmed that Phillips Anochie has never proven for once to be a responsible father, He has abandoned his children for so many years only for his wife to be responsible for their upkeeps and education

Umuelem Enyiogugu Mbaise community man who will not want his name to be mentioned on the news media said, Phillips Anochie is a pure traditionalist rather than to be a genuine man of God he used to claimed, He is a fake Pastor, his wife Vivian, abruptly ran for her dear life because she discovered Phillips Anochie had skeleton inside his wardrobes, narrating further, said they resided in Lagos before relocated down to Delta State in which it was unknowingly to them that Phillips had another wife in Delta, we taught he is a man of God, immediately he noticed and discovered his secret as an occultic man has been indirectly unfolded he relocated and abandoned myself and children in Lagos.

As God will perform his wonders, few years back a friend directed me to a church in Lagos where more of my Husband occultic life was exposed, the man of God prayed for us, delivered us and help my children to secure a shelter at least to be comfortably okay on our own.

So what’s an evil man called Phillips think he was doing? please help me to beg my father in the Lord over this Embarrassment on his person, Vivian Anochie reacted.

Further investigation says Phillips Anochie has been going to every where to malign the God’s sent and a good Samaritan popular man of God who assisted Phillip’s family to recently secured accomodation due to his wayward lifestyle
According to his Village men, it was also revealed by another source who hinted this respected platform that Phillips Anochie want to make money at all cost and diabolical means that is why he took to occultic Lifestyle, he is a fake pastor, very irresponsible father, in our community a man who failed severally to take good care of his family is called nothing but an egoat.

Imagine, how God sent an helper of destiny to his home, instead to thank God and the helper he’s ranting all over and trying to spoil the name of the man of God. What a shameful man.

Phillips Anochie will never know peace in his life for insulting a man of God who helped you and your family.

Watch out for the Part two of this investigative report on this randy fake pastor Phillip Anochie will come as a boom in our next Bulletin edition.

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