As the 2023 election hots up, all major political parties, especially the most populous and most popular among them are devising any meaningful strategies towards clinching victory at the polls. Campaign policies are developed by these parties in order to outdo their opponents.

From the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to the main
opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the Labour Party (LP) and the All Nigerian People’s Party (ANPP), the trend remains the same.

However, political parties here in Nigeria, preparing solidly for the fast approaching election should be very vigilant and wary about some of the decisions they make while warming up for the polls.

As regards the appointment of party officials for electioneering, party chieftain’s should be aware that certain toes are not trampled on in order to ensure and maintain smooth campaign operation of the party pending the electoral period proper. Everyone has their relevance and should be carried along.

The ruling party, APC is however, allegedly taking some steps that will surely jeopardize the unity, oneness of the party prior to the 2023 general elections. Report at our disposal confirmed tht the party’s hierarchy at the National may be embellished in scandalous acts of injustice as regards the appointment of members of the National Working Committee (NWC).

It was gathered that some high ranking elected officials of the APC National most especially some highest ranking deputies in the party’s Constitution were not incorporated into the NWC. While four deputies were inaugurated into the NWC, the other five High ranking deputies were not! We also got information that whopping sum of N50 million each was paid as Housing Allowance to all National working Commitee members including the four deputies in the NWC excluding the other five deputies who are not in the NWC. Also, brand new Lexus 570 jeeps or equivalent were also given to all NWC members also again excluding the other five deputies not in NWC. During the last struggle for control of the Presidential Campaign Council of the party, the NWC only put their members in the PCC excluding the other five National deputies.
My questions are, was it not the same amount these five deputies paid for their Nomination forms and expression of interest forms? Was it not the same election they ran? Did they all not come in on the same ballot?
This is absolutely, a slap on the faces of the five deputies who are hardworking, loyal and committed members of the party and who have worked and are still working tremendously for
the party’s victory.

It also portrays the simple fact that if APC does not take any drastic action against this injustice, then the party should just forget about retaining power both at the central, state and local governments. This is indeed a betrayal of trust against those that have sacrificed all they have for the party to stay afloat and relevant in African politics.

APC leaders should be aware that it is archaic for some unknown elements to reap where they did not sow. No one would fold his or her arms, looking jettisoned after rigorous years of struggling for the party and yet, nothing tangible to show for the struggle while some who broke into the scene later would be more recognized and appointed.

The leadership of APC must react to this allegation therefore by taking urgent and calculative steps in correcting these anomalies in the party and including the remaining five deputies in the NWC by calling an urgent NEC meeting. A word is enough for the wise.

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