Grace Nation: Blessings of The Father Guarantee Opening of the Womb of Destiny – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: Blessings of The Father Guarantee Opening of the Womb of Destiny – Dr Chris Okafor

  • Grace Nation sets to organized Nationwide rally to sensitize voters ahead of 2023 General Election
  • Harvest of Testimonies as South Africa Branch of Grace Nation joins International Headquarters Church for Prophetic Service in Lagos

It is a place for a prophet to pray and declared a words for the womb of destiny to be open, the office of a Prophet as a Servant of God have what it takes to decides what is good or otherwise because they are the mouthpiece of Elohim

These and more are the words of God that came out through his Servant the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor at the Sunday Glorious service of Grace Nation on Sunday 22nd 2023 in Lagos Nigeria, which was tagged “Opening the womb of destiny”

The Lead Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor in his sermon with subtitle “How The Prophet works” explained that for a womb to be open, it simply means a chapter of greater things bigger than human imagination will be open, and the only people of Person that have that power or what it’s takes to make it happen is the father (spiritual Father), when your spiritual Father speaks ,he speaks the mind of God, and the only way to access the plans of God for you is to listen to instructions,through your spiritual fathers, so therefore this is how a father works,he act as an intermediary between you and Elohim, when you listen and follow his instructions to the latter, God answer all your requests in speed, therefore the work of a father’s is to prepare you and ensure that all the good plan of Elohim come to fulfillment in your Life Dr Okafor remarked

It was a deliverance galore at the Sunday Glorious services of Grace Nation, it was a special day for expectant mothers, God remember them with Prophetic words through his Servant Dr Chris Okafor that before the months of September and October 2023,They will all dedicates there miracle Babies, because God have remember them and their womb of Destiny is open.

The south Africa Branch of Grace Nation in Johannesburg recorded tremendous Testimonies as the church join the International Headquarters Live for the Sunday Glorious and Prophetic service from Lagos Nigeria. Many deliverance, healings took place as God also profile solution to many predicament..

Meanwhile the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor have declared that plan are in top gear to organize a Nationwide sensitization Rally to enlighten Nigerian on how to vote properly for there prefer candidate saying the few days remaining to the general election will determine what will happen to them in the next 8 years, We will go round the roads in our thousands to let the electorate know why they must vote wisely Dr Chris Okafor maintained

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