Grace Nation: God is not Rich, Wealthy nor Poor, but own Everything on Earth including Human Beings – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: God is not Rich, Wealthy nor Poor, but own Everything on Earth including Human Beings – Dr Chris Okafor

  • Unfortunately today, what is called Honour has died in the Church….okafor

In the absence of Honour people will suffer, where there’s no culture of Honour people will not prosper, and when you don’t understand the Process of Honour, you can be in a place of plenty and remain stranded and poor for Life.

These and more are part of the teaching of the Lead Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor at the Sunday convenant day of wealth Transfer on 5th February 2023,at the International Headquarters of the church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

Teaching on the Topic “The Misery of First Fruit” taking from the Scripture Proverb 3:9,10, the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor emphasised that God says those that Honour me, he will Honour but those that dispersed him, they will suffer, unfortunately today in the church what is refer to Honour in the vineyard is dead, the Man of God continue that the kingdom of heaven is a misery, it takes misery to demystified the Misery, therefore when you are knowledgeable to understand this misery, everything becomes good to you, it takes man of integrity to understand the misery behind the first fruit sacrifice, when you obey the instructions of first fruit everything you do throughout the remaining months and days of the year become a plus to your breakthrough and Success throughout the year.

The Generational prophet of God as he is fondly called Dr Chris Okafor Also remarked that God is the source of everything on this earth, everything belongs to him, so if there is anyone we must not play with is Almighty God, He is not Rich, nor Poor but everything on this earth Belong to him. If he directed that you must bring your first fruit to the vineyard, he know why he has given this instructions, if you Honour your God with your sustain, it trigger God to do more for you because he owns everything.

Earlier at the realms of Prophetic, God uses his Servant, the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor in a new dimensions, he was seen doing what he know how to do best, mentioning people’s name accurate, describing roads to people’s House in the village, exposing the acclaimed strong man behind people’s predicament, He also exposes evil altars and the one serving them, depopulating the kingdom of darkness therefore making the kingdom of God Popular.

Miracle Babies were given to expectant mothers, while bloodline diseases and inherited battles give way. Also lawful captive were set free.

The Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor also used the occasion to pray for the nation and for a successful General Election in Nigeria, as the man of God charges Nigerians to vote there conscience because that alone will guarantee a better Nation for all in the next 8 years, let’s all Nigerian go out enmass come 25 February 2023 to vote for a leader that will bring back Nigeria lost Glory as the Giant of Africa, Dr Okafor remarked

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