Grace Nation: Thanksgiving is an application for More – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: Thanksgiving is an application for More – Dr Chris Okafor

  • Every answer is in a Seed
  • Annoited chair, Many sit on it and get instant deliverance, all manner of sickness, diseases affliction disappear

When you give, you are not helping God or the church, but you are helping yourself, a day will come when what you give will speak for you in your day of trouble, therefore giving command Grace to flow in your direction

Speaking at the Sunday convenant day of wealth Transfer Part 6 with subtitle Kingdom Grace, the Lead Pastor of Grace Nation worldwide Dr Chris Okafor said a true Servant of God must practice the principle of giving, when you give with a clean heart,God blesses you in ten fold or even more, therefore your giving is not to help the church but to help you.

The Generational prophet of God said givers never lack, when you give you put God in no option than to give you kingdom heritage Grace to breakthrough in your area of Business or work.

As a convenant Practitioner, giving is a gate way to more inheritance and when you give thanks you are telling God you are applying for more Blessings and Grace to functions.

Nobody become rich by luck, something must be involved, certain things must speak for you, therefore when God blesses you and you are thankful more Blessings will come your way because. Every answer is in a Seed you sow to his kingdom Dr Okafor remarked.

The realms of the Prophetic took a new dimensions, God came down with Power, God Servant Dr Chris Okafor sit-down on a chair and Power of God descend on the chair healing various kind of sickness, Diseases and afflictions, the power of the lord was so much powerful on the chair as altars broke out immediately there victims sat on the chair, Irregular growth melt down as the person sat on the chair, fibroid, Poison all melt out immediately those people suffering from the affliction sit on the chair, the power was too much, even mother waiting unto the Lord for the fruit of the womb also carry the miracle Babies immediately they sit on the chair, all kind of cases were all address sitting on the chair,
This is the first time God uses his Servant to address our complaint, a faithful who will not want her name mentioned, she said Grace Nation is a place to be, God is here in Grace Nation she confirmed
Another testifier said today is my day, the moment I sat on the chair, I felt something let my body, I have been battling Fibroid, the stone like object I used to fell when I torch around my stomach is no more there, it can only be the God of Dr Chris Okafor.

It recalled that the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor is one among the major Prophet of God who strongly believe in the power of giving with over 2000 widows on is monthly food support and with 1200 students on is scholaship scheme at different ties of education through his humanitarian foundation, Chris Okafor humanity foundation, He also Believe in the unity of the country, In one of his speech at a fora recently he said, Unity is the yardstick that can bring back the lost Glory of the Nation.

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