Grace Nation A Spitual Law Breaker Cannot get help of the Spirit – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation a Spitual Law Breaker Cannot get help of the Spirit – Dr Chris Okafor

  • Harvest of babies Conference set to begin Next week

You must understand the principles and rules of engagement for the spirit to work in your favour, if you obey the laws and order of Elohim you become valid in life.

Speaking at the midweek Prophecy, Healing, Deliverance and Solutions service, the lead Pastor,Grace Nation aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor said if you are a spiritual law breaker you cannot get help of the spirit.

Teaching on the Topic “Timing”, under the series of Wealth transfer ,the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said not all delay is cause by the devil, he said some delay is as a result of your wrong timing, he said when things linger, it is the cause of Man, when you make yourself invalid you become problem to yourself and even the one Elohim sent to help you, therefore to be invalid is to be paralysed and useless.

The way of God is not the way of man, because God has the final say, if your timing is right with God, your wealth will be uncountable compares to other, timing determine the level of your success,when you follow the laws and principles of wealth generations.

Garment of hatred, marriage delay and fibroid were all destroyed by God Servant during the Prophetic movement of Elohim,Inherited battles, terminal diseases all bow to the command of God through his Servant the Generational prophet of God while miracles babies were given to mother’s expecting God to remember them, it was a miracle galore with no dull moment throughout the Prophetic midweek service.

Meanwhile all is set for the family Liberation conference, The Harvest of Babies, the Flagship conference of Grace Nation is expecting over 2 million worshiper for the 4 day Prophetic conference, God will definitely be in town to give miracle Babies to mothers.
Don’t be left out be part of the conference, you will never regret it, the conference start Wednesday and end Sunday Next week at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city, 8-10 Oshofisan street off Edozie street by Ereke Bus stop Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria

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