• 2023 Harvest of Babies conference begins 29th March 2023.
  • Light Springs Hotel officially begins operation, rendering best of Hospitality.
  • A couple waiting on the lord for 23yrs dedicates twins.
  • Nigerians must pray against deadly and worst ever Protest, serious confusion on May 29 and Presidential Election maybe cancelled

One of the best and latest Hospitality outfit, Light Spring Hotel as officially kick off, providing the best hospitality business with latest and world class hospitality facilities and best practice at a very affordable Price, mounted with the best security network that guarantee security of live and Property.

At the Grand reception for the official commission of the Hospitality outfit, the lead Pastor of Grace Nation, Dr Chris Okafor prayed over the property for the success of the outfit, the generational prophet of god prayed for effectiveness of business and all its workforce discharging angels of assignment over the edifice as no contradictory force will have any negative power over the business, he said the project is God directive thereby declaring that no negative report will come out of the outfit as he cover the business with the blood of Jesus Christ. He also commissions the edifice to the glory of God.

Earlier in his Sermon at the Sunday glorious service on 26th March 2023, on his wealth creation series, How to know a good business’’ the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor explained that before you invest on any business you must build on the core product, that is sample many other product and work a better update on such product, saying if you can provide solution money, wealth will definitely come. The man of God further highlighted other steps to be taking as, Money haunting, thereby looking for what is not so common in the area you want to make such investment, by testing your personnel connections, when you put all this together and you also understand the principle of wealth creation through partnership and kingdom investment, God will in returns partner with you in your private investment, therefore it is the secret that rules the world, when you partner with God in secret, he will make you prosperous in the open.

It was a joyful moment as more than twenty mothers dedicated their miracle babies, twins at the special dedication service at Grace Nation international Headquarter in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, a couple who has been waiting unto the Lord for 23 years, dedicated their Twins, a boy and a girl to the Glory of the Lord, the latest mother of Twin says with tears of Joy, that it can only be the God of Dr Chris Okafor.

Meanwhile the 2023 edition of the much talked about in town family Liberation conference Harvest of Babies, is set to kick off on 29th March-2 April 2023, the conference will enable participants table their request before elohim, according to the Sect-Man Dr Chris Okafor whom God will use to liberate mothers at the four days conference said about 99.9% of mother’s who will participate at the conference will have their instant testimonies, God is able to do all things, he declared.

Speaking in parable, the Generational Prophet of God said he saw a very serious and worst protest in Nigeria as a result of the aftermath of the Presidential election, the Man of God said Nigerians must pray very well for God to intervene because if this happen, he foreseen a worst protest that will cut across west Africa. He also remarked that there will be a big confusion, because what many Nigerians are expecting come May 29 may not occur, Another thing may take over, the Generational Prophet of God said in parable that the Presidential election might be cancelled due to the level of protest and this will led to unrest, but if we join hand to pray, God will intervene un-behalf of his children, he concluded

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