Grace Nation: Despite You Are Born Again, You Still Need to Settle Issues – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: Despite You Are Born Again, You Still Need to Settle Issues – Dr Chris Okafor
*International Visitors Impartation conference sets to Begin April 23rd -May 1st 2023

When you judge a person, who God has forgiven, you become enemy of God, therefore you must work hard and understand the Principles of Elohim to access his blessings, Meaning when you give your life to Jesus, it is a visa to travel into his kingdom to resolve whatever you need to resolve to be free from your father’s Negative altars.

This and more are the words of wisdom from the Lead Pastor, Grace Nation International aka Liberation city worldwide Dr Chris Okafor at the Midweek, Prophetic, Healing, Deliverance and solution service [PHDS] Held at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

Dealing on the Topic ‘’Changing the Identity of My father’s altar’’ the Generational Prophet of God explained that what rest in your family is what follow you, yes your father had sin and no more but the children bears their iniquities, despite they were not born then.
The Man of God said it takes a mistake of a Man to sin and all his generations suffers from it, therefore you as a child who does not want to follow same Pattern must raise a platform which can stand for you all-day all-night ,if you must break out from the negative pattern of your father’s altars.
One of the major identity of fathers Negative altars is Issues, a Man or Woman suffering from his or her father’s Negative altars faces so many issues, and those issues comes in different forms, issues of No job, late marriage, Barrenness, sickness, Poverty and many more, when those problems are seen or experience by persons, it’s a clear indication that the fathers Negative altars is behind those challenges the Man of God explained.

The only ways to break out of your father’s Negative altar is by identifying with the issues and change such identity through Prayers and kingdom commitment, when you built a platform, by a way of service to the kingdom, it will stand for you in the day of need and through your sincere service to the kingdom of God, elohim will directly change the identify of your father’s altar and the altar will begin to work in your favour says the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor.

The Realms of the prophetic was Powerful, with Prophetic declaration by the Apostle of Altars, deliverance, Healing and Miracles at the service, the Power of God came down Mightily through his servant Dr Chris Okafor as he Exposed evil altars working against peoples Deliverance and breakthrough, setting the lawful captive free. The Generational Prophet of God also declared with the command of elohim that No Members of Grace Nation will be declare missing even as the country is planning to move from one government to another, While Miracle babies were giving to mothers waiting unto the lord for the fruit of the womb.

Meanwhile the Much Expected Grace Nation International Visitor Impartation conference is sets to begin on 23rd April-1st May 2023 at the International Headquarters of the church in Ojodu Berger Lagos and the Chief Host is the Lead Pastor Grace Nation Dr Chris Okafor, Testimonies from the last edition of the conference confirms that Participants were imparted with the words of God and spiritually impacted, one of the participant at the last edition who will not want his name mention said the International Visitor Impartation conference 2022 has really sharpen and change his ministry for better, I now command the words through the impartation received from the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor, it was a very good and memorable experience in the presence of God, he remarked.

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