How Primate Ayodele Warned Oyetola Against Rejoicing Over Adeleke’s Tribunal Loss (VIDEO)

How Primate Ayodele Warned Oyetola Against Rejoicing Over Adeleke’s Tribunal Loss (VIDEO)

The Supreme Court has affirmed Senator Ademola Adeleke as the duly elected governor of Osun state in a judgment in Abuja this afternoon.

This has dashed the hopes of the former governor, Gboyega Oyetola and APC members in the state who wanted the elected governor to be sacked from office bearing in mind that the election Tribunal nullified his victory.

Unfortunately for them, the situation went south and Ademola Adeleke was affirmed as the winner of the July 2022 gubernatorial election.

When the Election tribunal sacked Adeleke, there was so much jubilation in the APC to the extent that Oyetola arranged a motorcade for a grand entrance into Osun state; apparently, he wasn’t in the state at the time. When he got to the state, he was seen waving his hands to the people of Osun, celebrating his victory at the election tribunal.

However, in the midst of the celebration, renowned prophet Primate Elijah Ayodele warned Oyetola not to rejoice yet because Adeleke might win at the appeal and Supreme Court. This was captured in a video that went viral.

These were his words

‘’ Oyetola must not rejoice yet, Adeleke might take over either at the Supreme Court or appeal court’’.

Just as the man of God stated, Governor Adeleke has taken over at the appeal court and at the Supreme Court, putting the case to rest.

The impact of Primate Ayodele’s prophetic statement can not be underestimated especially on the Osun governorship election. The prophet had spoken about the governorship election since 2021 when he warned Oyetola against going into the election with a divided house.

Primate Ayodele then asked Oyetola to reconcile with aggrieved stakeholders in Osun APC if he wants to get a second term in office. The prophet warned him against gang-up from his party members and asked him to pray fervently if he wants to retain his seat.

These were his words:

“The spirit of God says Governor Oyetola must unite all members of the Osun State House of Assembly as well as the party members. He must work assiduously because there will be a lot of evil perpetrators that will want to frustrate his effort in order for him not to win the second term. All the Who is who should do reconciled in the Osun State APC.’’

‘’ “I foresee that many of his party members will want to gang up against him. Oyetola must not allow the party members to decamp and also not allow his party to break. He needs prayers to avert negativity and do the needful. They will bring negative reports about the governor. He must pray very hard so that he will succeed. Oyetola will want to change everything about his present seat. It will cause more problems, but if he puts in more effort and pray very well, he will retain his seat.’’

Unfortunately, the former governor didn’t work on some of these things Primate Ayodele warned him against and obviously, these led to his untimely defeat.

Watch video below

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