Night of Mighty Visitations: When God Visits, Anything Dead in your Hand Come Alive – Dr Chris Okafor

Night of Mighty Visitations: When God Visits, Anything Dead in your Hand Come Alive – Dr Chris Okafor

….No freedom without instructions

When God visits your situation, he comes with so many blessings and Prosperity, because God visitations is usually heralded by instructions and when you follow his instructions you become a free man saying freedom is conditionally bound.

These and More are the foundation laid by the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor while treating the Topic Mighty Visitations of God at the Grace Nation international Night of Prophecy tagged Night of Mighty Visitations at the international Headquarters of the church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

The Lead pastor of Grace Nation Worldwide aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor said the visitation of God is not the visit of Man saying when God visits you, things turn for better in your favour, the popular Televangelist Prophet of God also remarked that God visit is a VIP visit because it come with full package blessings and breakthrough. The man of God said when God visit you anything dead in your life will come alive immediately because God is Light and where there is freedom liberty become visible everywhere.

Explaining what happens when God visits, your situation, the Popular Lagos prophet said God removes pains inflicted on you by your enemies, God make your enemies to fell ten fold of the pain inflict on you, the Generational Prophet of God also remarked that when. God show up in your life anything dead in your hand receive torch from God and they all come back to live, he said one must understand the voice and commandment of the Holy spirit, the man of God said Money is spirit and spirit only listen to spirit, therefore when God visits the spirit of money listen to you.

Concluding the review of the subject in focus, The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said when God visits you, he command creative miracles to happen, he said miracle is the supernatural intervention of God on the natural affair of men, therefore unexpected change in the life of men is termed Creative miracles, he said in a place of obedient to God you enjoy commanded blessings, when you engaged yourself in Kingdom investment God shall bless you and everything that you needed will answer you when you experience a mighty visitation from God.

There were diverse kind of miracles at the international night of Mighty Visitation, Blocked ear received Deliverance, body pains disappear, Miracle babies galores while thousand gave there life to Christ and rededication of soul to Christ.

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