Grace Nation PHDS: Obey Your Prophet and you Shall Prosper – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation PHDS: Obey Your Prophet and you Shall Prosper – Dr Chris Okafor

……You must pay a price to see results

When God shows up in your Battle, when the children of God cry onto him, one thing that first happens is that God will send a prophet and when you discover your Prophet, you get profit and greatness in life, But when you discover your Prophet and not get profit that means something is wrong.

Speaking on the Topic, with subtitled “the Act of God” the lead Pastor Grace Nation worldwide Dr Chris Okafor said one of the major causes of people’s downfall is the attitude of not obeying God instructions through his prophet, sighting a bible verse the Generational prophet of God said obey your lord and his Prophet and you shall prosper, the man of God said with instructions, when God step into your Battles ,you become prosperous, People struggle and are not aware that their problems is constituted by there enemies, but immediately when God send a prophet and you discover him and hacken to his instructions, the battles you thought you cannot overcome gives way miraclelously and you shall become victorious.

The Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor also remarked that when you discover your Prophet,you must pay a price, when your Prophet gives you instructions, you must work it out for the prophecy to come into Manifestation, therefore your commitment to the kingdom couple with Your Prayer resulted into God purposes in your Life.

The Prophecy Healing Deliverance and solution service on June 1 2023, was used by the oracle to God to pray for all Grace Nation citizens across the globe and also Nigerians for God Intervention as the Country begins a new political desperation. The Popular Televangelist Man of God also uses the occasion to pray for peace and unity in the country saying God really Love Nigerians and we must allow the love of God to abide with all citizens of the Nation.

It was a prophetic and Deliverance galore at the service, God uses his servant like never before, profiling solutions to different kinds of case files, the Kingdom of Satan bites more than what it can chew as rain of fire fall on different evil altars depopulating the kingdom of hell while making God kingdom popular, also it was harvest of babies and God General handed over miracle babies to awaiting mother’s while the Liberation voice Choir cap the Midweek service up with Prophetic Songs.

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