In an effort to tailor a good product that will bring massive development and turn our cities to compete with other industrialized modern nations, there is a need for all 5 Igbo states to come together.

The CEO, Equity Concepts Entertainments, Mr. Rowland Okorie is in Dallas, Texas on a quick trip from Las Vegas where he works. He is meeting with an Igbo strong hold, Chief A. Alozie popularly known as Odozi Obodo who presently holds the position of the vice President of the Mbaise Union in the United States of America, one of the biggest gatherings of the sons and daughters of the Igbo land across the world. A social-cultural organisation with great values and potentials that have done great to the people of the Imo state and Ndigbo in general.

According to Mr. Okorie, “Project NWAFOR will seek to partner with Mbaise USA as he has been consulting with people from the same town and village”.

A breakfast-interview was held between him and Chief Alozie, which lasted for over 2 hours and lots of issues concerning the development, funding and launching of the project were ironed out.

Chief Alozie acclaimed the birthing of the idea of the Project NWAFOR and appraised it as the new face of change that will help our youths to achieve their goals and also added that the fact that the project will generate its own revenue makes it an excellent idea. “Change at last has come”, he added.

“You must be acknowledged and humble to partner with organisations like Ohaneze Ndigbo ”, he advised. He further said that the igbo nation is crumbling and needs immediate resuscitation that will bring never-before-seen employment and youth empowerment-programs in order to transform the lives of our youths.

This project is focused on bringing in companies that will create massive jobs for our youths, and will parade a team of high profiled, credible and dedicated professionals with a reputation for excellence and first-class industry experiences.

Rowland Okorie: 9723706076

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