Father’s Day: The Authority of Life and Death is in the Hand of Father’s – Dr Chris Okafor

Father’s Day: The Authority of Life and Death is in the Hand of Father’s – Dr Chris Okafor

… How you relate with your father’s determine the outcome of your Life

….. Famous Gospel act, Tope Alabi, Joe Praise & Gabriel Peters Bill to thrills faithful as Mid-Year cross over conference Holds.

The lead Pastor of Grace Nation worldwide Dr Chris Okafor joins the rest of the world today to celebrate the Father’s Day.

A day set aside to celebrate father’s and their importance in the life of the children, therefore the Generational prophet of God on behalf of the Pastorate and entire citizens of Grace Nation worldwide celebrate Father’s with Prayers and also challenge children’s to make sure they gives what belongs to there father’s for them to leave a fullfil life.

Preaching of the Power and Right of the Father’s at this year Father’s Day Glorious Sunday service at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation worldwide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor teaches that you must have a good relationship with your father’s either Biological or spiritual father Because it will determine how far you can go in life.

The Popular Televangelist Prophet of God also remarked that one of the things a father has is the power of life, father’s are given the privileged as the source to determine to be alive or death, saying one of the reasons why death is everywhere is as a reyof dishonoring the Father’s.

The authority of the family is in the hand of the father because they process the key of determinant, although some mother do force the children against the will of the Father’s cause they are closer to them, but according to the principle of life created by God, the power to determine how far children can go is in the hand of the father. Therefore father can kill and also rescue the children, also there is no battle for equality between a man and a woman, a father has power to curse and also to bless.

Dr Chris Okafor however warn children if they must get or see the blessings of the Father’s, they must ensure not to open there father’s nakedness or weakness out to the public because whatever God directed, it takes the Father’s to bring it to pass.

The Generational prophet of God concluded that it is the satisfaction of the Father’s that determine the blessings of the children,How you are relating with God and your father’s will determine your success in life.

The realms of the Prophetic was climax with Deliverance,miracles of divers kind, God work in a new dimension as projected death sentence on a faithful was cancelled, while God uses his Generational prophet to dimestify 8Generation misery fighting a family,also untimely death programmed toward a lady’s birthday celebration was cancelled right at the service.

Meanwhile world famous Gospel artistes, Tope Alabi, Joe Praise and Gabriel Peters of Liberation Voice has been bill to minister at the coming Mid-Year cross over prophetic conference coming up between 28th June – 2July at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation worldwide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, the 4 days Prophetic conference will be brutal according to God servants as Jehovah is ready to cross his children to the other side of the year with evidence in there Hand, The conference begin by Wednesday 28 June by 4pm-7pm
Thursday 29, 7am-11am
Friday 30th June, international Night of Solution 7pm- Till you breakthrough

Sunday July 2, Thanksgiving service 7am- 11am.

Come and join the Mid-Year Crossover train and your life will never remain the same

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