Grace Nation PHDs :If the foundation is bad Location makes no meaning -Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation PHDs :If the foundation is bad Location makes no meaning -Dr Chris Okafor

….. If you are cursed, you are programmed to fail by all means

No matter how hardworking a person is, or how dedicated he or she might be to duties when a curse is placed, such a person is programmed to fail by all means, he or she will continue to labour without any evidence to show/prove he or she is hard working rather such people will Continue to fail at all times.

Speaking on the Topic Breaking the family Curses, the Lead Pastor, Grace Nation worldwide Dr Chris Okafor says a curse can be or two type.namely, inherited and Generational Curse, the Generational prophet of God who is speaking at the Midweek Prophecy, Healing , Deliverance and solution service held at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation worldwide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria emphasized that when a curse is place upon a family every member of that family suffers starting from the day the curse was placed.

The Popular Televangelist Man of God said Generational curses are curse places on the family visible from one Generation to another while inherited curses are curses inherited from family mostly through ignorance.

When people are in the same place, the same circle where other people are forging ahead, this is mainly the consequences as a result of Curses, therefore to break out of family curses, you must first make enquiry through your spiritual father’s,what really brought about the Curses in the first place and work it out through instructions given to breakout from all the forms of Curses.

The Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor also highlighted, dedication to the vineyard of God, commitment with your substance and fortified your prayer life’s are major instrument to be deployed for you to break out from Curses, when you will souls to the kingdom and partake in any project visible in the house of God, you are telling God, you are ready to break free from curses, work for God and in return God will stay and protect you in your days of Needs, the Generational prophet of God remarked.

Prophetic declaration and prayers were said to faithful by God servant to break people out from all forms of curses, while the man of God also uses the occasion to say a special prayer for the New Government of the day in the Nation, he said God can use the new people in Government to change the country for the betterment of all citizens of the country.

The realms of the Prophetic was hot as more than usual, the mighty hand of God came down seeing the lawful captive Free, depopulating the kingdom of hell while welcoming more souls into the kingdom of God, Miracle babies everywhere as fibroid and other medically incurable disease are melting out at the seevice as people testifes.

Meanwhile the mid year cross over conference will begin on 28 June -july 2 2023 at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation worldwide,Plot 9-12 oshofisan street off Edozie street by Ereke Bus stop, Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, Famous Gospel artistes Tope Alabi, Joe Praise and Gabriel Peters have be billed to thrill faithful at the 4days prophetic conference, Be there, God is waiting for you,come with your loved ones as your life will Never remain the same as you attend.

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