Mid-Year Crossover conference: Thanksgiving is an Application for more, It produces Fresh Oil and Anointing – Dr Chris Okafor

Mid-Year Crossover conference: Thanksgiving is an Application for more, It produces Fresh Oil and Anointing – Dr Chris Okafor

….. Conference ends with Diverse Miracles Healings Deliverance and Testimonies

…. Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation Empowers Faithful with Millions of Naira

The 4 days Prophetic program which marks the end of the first half of the year The Mid-Year Crossover conference of Grace Nation worldwide has come to end with Diverse Miracles, Healings, Deliverance and solution, faithful has been gloriously shipped to the second half of the Year.

The conference which began with lots of expectations recorded testimonies of how God miraculously visited many participants giving them wisdom and knowledge on how to be successful in life throughout the second half of the Year.

The conference began on 28th June with Prayers, healing and deliverance, the second day witnessing more Deliverance and solution, the third day a Night Vigil was brutal as the kingdom of the devil bite more than they can chew as elohim uses his servant the Generational prophet of God to cause Trouble/ havoc in there kingdom,Lawful captive were set free, Many misery were demystified, Popular Nigerian Gospel artistes Gozie okeke was on ground dishing out prophetic Gospel songs to make the conference a memorable one alongside Son of the Prophet Gabriel Peters.
it was indeed a miracle galore throughout the Night of Prophecy and Solution, God uses his servant more than before, every one that witness the Night Vigil has something to go home with, it was a wonderful moment in the presence of God.

In his sermon at the special thanksgiving service held for the Mid-Year Crossover conference, The Lead Pastor, Grace Nation worldwide aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor who Preach on the subject “Engaging the Misery and The Power of Thanksgiving” Emphasized that giving thanks at all time is am application for more, saying thanksgiving produces fresh oil and Anointing, he said when you engage God in the act of Thanksgiving,you will access his oil of greatness that will propagate you for higher landing.

The Generational prophet of God said thanksgiving and Praises provoke God to take over our battles. To be ever thankful is to be ever truthful.

The Apostle of altars also remarked that you must also understand the Principle of Thanksgiving for you to benefit from the fresh oil and anointing of Elohim, whatever situation you meet yourself give thanks either good or bad Give thanks, He said giving thanks make your heart to yield to Holy spirit, it also provoke new Level.

Highlighting reason why you must give thanks, the Generational prophet of God said when you give thanks it gives you Divine speed in whatever you do, it also enable continuous supply of all your need, while concluding that when you give thanks it’s brings about diverse kind of Fulfillment of Prophecy very steadily, the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said No Prophecy can be fullfil without God confirming it, therefore the power of Thanksgiving can never be under estimated because even at old age thanksgiving empowers you to be fruitful, whatever you do give thanks the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor submitted.

The 2023 Mid-Year Prophetic Cross Over conference was rounded over by various thanksgiving sessions as the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor and his immediate family led the possession followed by the Sons of the prophet, various church groups, families and all the Grace Nation family both home and abroad in attendance.

Meanwhile succur came the ways of some faithful in Need, According to the Popular adage, charity begin from Home, that is exactly what the Man of God Dr Chris Okafor did through his foundation, Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation, the NGO empowers three faithful with cash worth millions of naira, they support faithful in need of accomodations, completion of Project and also cash support for Business. No Wonder the church is moving from Glory to Glory, the widows too are not left out as it is the Tradition of the foundation to Carter for the wellbeing of widows with monthly provision of food items and cash for over 2000 wisdom.

It will.be recalled that the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor remain one of the major Prophet across the Globe that regularly give support to the less privileged, he Delivers and empowered the poor to be self dependable as part of the mandate given him by Elohim.

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