Night of Mighty Visitation: When You Satisfy God Demand, He Break you out of Curses – Dr Chris Okafor

Night of Mighty Visitation: When You Satisfy God Demand, He Break you out of Curses – Dr Chris Okafor

….if you have done Nothing to warrant Curses, it can never Land on You.

It was indeed a Night of Mighty Visitation at the Monthly Prophetic Vigil Service of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city as the Almighty God came down through Powerful dimensions of Deliverance, Healings, Miracles and Solutions, in fact heaven kisses the Earth with instant testimonies to the glory of God and to shame the Devil and all his cohorts.

The Night of Mighty Visitation which began in very Good note with various performances by the Youths and the Almighty Liberated Woman of Zion, the Woman officially Launch there campaign and Awareness preparing all the Liberated women of Zion ahead of the National Convention coming up between August 26-28 2023 which will be taking place at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation worldwide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, there Parade during the Service made the night indeed a night to remember.

Also the Liberation voice Choir are not left out as they sing prophetic Praises and worship Songs Preparing faithful to receive from Elohim as faithful step into the month of August with Evidence.

In his Sermon, The Lead Pastor, Grace Nation Worldwide Popularly known as the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor who Preaches on the series “Restoration and Compensation” with a special focus on “spiritual implications of Restoration, (Curses as a case study) said You must understand the character and the Principle of the spirit for you to bring God into your Presence.

The Generational Prophet of God also remarked that the Spirit of the Supernatural reveals everything about God to you when you trust and follow his orders.

The Man of God while unmasking the disadvantages of Curses laments that curse which is a plan action for one to fail at all means is one of the strategies of the devil but if you have not done anything wrong to warrant Curses, it can never Land on You.

The Apostle of Altars however warns that for you to be totally restored and compensated, you must seek knowledge to stop curses because if you didn’t stop it will Geminate and become a Generational battle in families.

It is never God’s will for humans to be Curses ,so far you did not do anything to attract curses , therefore when you do his will ,it will never come near you, Although Curses from God is the biggest error on Earth, that is,when you violate his commandment.

The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor whoever assures faithful that Curses can be reversed, According to the Bible using Gazar as a case study, he said when God needs you, he will do everything to break you out remarking that Curses is a consequence of an action which you are ignorant of.

For any Deliverance to be maintained you must stop Every access of Sin, saying the major sources of Curses is Sin.

Creative miracles climax the realms of the Prophetic at the Night of Mighty Visitation, Elohim uses his servant the Generational prophet of God in another level of dimension,Profiling solutions to different case files ranging from diseases Generally believe to be incurable medically, miracles babies giving to awaiting mother’s, Visa for travelling released, New jobs, Marriage garment and blessings but the most interesting Deliverance of the Night was the Re union of a family who are separated 6 years ago, the Man of God located the Husband prayed for him and ask after his wife, he confirmed they are separated not knowing the wife was at the Service, the Man of God call forth the wife, deliver them from the strong man behind there divorce and re unite the family, it was indeed a night to remember, faithful screamed that it can only be God of Dr Chris Okafor who can re-unite the Family. Many new convert also rededicate there life to Christ at the Night…

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