Grace Nation: Restoration is in Trouble Without Holiness – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: Restoration is in Trouble Without Holiness – Dr Chris Okafor

…You must declare War for your supernatural Releases

…Child Dedication climax Sunday Service

For restoration and redemption to happen in the life of humans certainly a price must be paid, Nothing just happens, someone somewhere pays a price for that Breakthrough to happen.

ThIs and More are words made by the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor at Grace Nation international Church During Sunday Divine intervention and Breakthrough Service on 30 July 2023 held at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation worldwide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

Thagged as the Covenant Day of Supernatural Release ,the Generational prophet of God emphasized that for a supernatural blessings to be release certainly a price must be paid, something don’t just happen, there is a transaction somewhere before it come into reality.

The man of God continues that Sin, iniquity, and a willful compromise can make God withdraw his hand from anyone, but when you follow his commandment couple with your commitment in his vineyard,you qualify for his supernatural Releases.

Speaking on the ways for restoration to happen in someone’s life, the Apostle of Altars says, when you genuinely repent from Sin, by denying yourself from UnGodly act that can attract sin, Restoration will come, he said repentances is allowing God to take charge totally in your life.

Dr Chris Okafor also highlighted that fasting and Prayer is another steps to be taking for total restoration saying while you fast, you kill the power of the flesh and increasing the power of the Spirit, when you Pray you present your case file to elohim for consideration, therefore to address the power withholding your blessings you have to genuinely repent from your old ways of life and your Demonic foundation, when you are blessed curses is broken therefore you enter into great inheritance and your breakthrough restored.

It was heavy testimony galore as over 30 families dedicated there Miracle babies, some testify that there miracle babies locates them at the last year harvest of Babies while some said they carries there babies during the Major conference of Grace Nation Not My Head Not My Blood, the service saw mother’s who has been waiting for the lord for over 10years came to the service with there miracle babies all to the glory of God.

Interestingly a young Man who testify to have lost his entire fortune to the strong Man of his family has met God through the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor, the Man who sells car Light on Express Highway after he lost his three cars, shop and House to hardship went home with 6m worth Sienna Car donated to him through Dr Chris Okafor and his Sons and Daughters of Grace Nation worldwide. The Man shield ties of joy as he thanks the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor for bringing Live back into him.

Meanwhile the realms of the Prophetic witness Mind blowing testimonies Deliverance Healings and solution to case file, God came down mightily through his servant to profile solution to the cases file of faithful while hands of Faithful rededicate their Life to God at the service…

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