Grace Nation: People who Serve have Understanding – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: People who Serve have Understanding – Dr Chris Okafor

…God is interested in those who serve him… Okafor

…. Generational Prophet of God Cast out 85,000 demons as he delivers a Man
…..Dr Chris Okafor fullfil Promise,Handed over Sienna Bus,1m to a Man as Support

The Lead Pastor, Grace Nation worldwide Dr Chris Okafor (aka) The Generational Prophet of God has fulfilled the promise made to support a young Man who was Delivered Last week Sunday after the said Man lost all his fortune due to the Power stronger than him, The Man of God after delivery him promise to empowered him with a Sienna Bus for Transportation and a cash gift of 1million to be used to maintain the Car, and as promised he officially handed over the Sienna Bus Documents, key and the 1m cash gift to the young man during the Sunday Glorious service held at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation worldwide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria on 6th August 2023 amid jubilations and Screaming of Joy by faithful, indeed Dr Chris Okafor is a true Man of God who demonstrated Practical Christianity in all the time.

Earlier in his sermon, The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor who highlighted the importance of Commitment and Service said you must first qualify as a servant of God to enjoy the Goodness of the Master, and for God to step into your life you must Prepare a platform for him to land, The Man of God also remarked that you must also have something to Partner with Elohim, because God is interested in those who serve him in truth and in spirit who can partner, he said you cannot demand from where you have not committed yourself through service.

Partnership is a form of intervention for God to show interest in your Case, if you do not partner with God ,you create an enabling space for satanic invasion, therefore your commitment and service to Him makes the difference you need in life to be successful in whatever you are committed to. The Man of God concluded that when God answers your Prayers he sends his Prophet to make Confirmation.

During the realms of the Prophetic, The Apostle of altars Dr Chris Okafor cast out 85,000 demons out of a young man who came from Baminda, Cameroon. The young Man was located and prayed for, his case file was visited and he was delivered from the strong legion of his father’s house, he was delivered and set free, while the Generational Prophet of God also visited other altars where people inheritance were kept, the Man of God pray, deliver and all the lawful captive were set Free as commanded by Elohim, Miracle babies too were given to awaiting mother’s all to the Glory of God.

The Palliative items initiated by the Generational Prophet of God to cushion the effects of the removal of the fuel Subsidy continue next Sunday after service, People who are not too bold to feed there family are the main set of People target for the Palliative, The Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said winning soul goes beyond only Prayers and deliverance but also putting food on the table of who was delivered for the deliverance to be completed……

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